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Where Did They Go? Missing Bloggers!

Back in the fall of 2017, when I was researching about blogging for one of my posts Who Said Blogging Was Easy?, I was shocked surprised to find out 90 to 95% of bloggers quit within the first 6 months! It seemed HIGH but didn’t think too much about it. Now that I passed the one year cap, I did notice we were missing a few fellow bloggers. I was curious about it so I looked back at who specifically we may have lost on the way. Where did they go? Missing bloggers!

I compiled a small list of some of the bloggers who seem to be missing in action in the last few months. Then I reached out to a few of them to find out “Where did they go”? I heard back from three of them, I assume the others are just taking a well deserved break.

Missing Bloggers:

Here is my list of missing bloggers, some better known than others:


Married With Money – 

Dave was posting regularly and then he stopped! right at the time he hit the one year mark. I reached out to him via Twitter earlier and he was doing well but wasn’t blogging. It sounded like life got in the way. His blog seemed to be doing well at the time.

Last post: April 18, 2018

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Cashflowkat  –

Kat’s blog was doing great (and still will when she decide to return!), she was featured on Rockstar Finance and Coach Carson. But after taken several small breaks, she stopped blogging.  I reached out to her and here is her response:

Well, I guess I blogged for only about 9 months. I stopped in part because I actually began losing interest. I didn’t really take any metrics. My blog is still up and I get about 5-10 visitors a day. I may come back. Sometimes I am convinced I’m going to write another blog post and then I just don’t.

Word of wisdom? Don’t try to make money blogging! Do it for fun or don’t do it at all.

Last post: June 14,2018


Mustard Seed Money

Rob seemed to have everything under control as far as his blog. His latest post had his average views at 70,000! (Wow I don’t even have 70,000 page views TO DATE!) Based on his archive records, he had been consistently blogging since August 2016, almost two years by the time he stopped publishing. I wasn’t able to get in touch with him. Hope all is well.

Last post: July 6, 2018


Pursuing Retirement – – Site is no longer active

Steve was more of a casual blogger and started around the same time I did. Here is what he had to say:

How long did you blog for? I started Pursuing Retirement in August 2017 and ended August 2018 when my 1 year host contract was finished. Although the last few months of the blog I didn’t have time to write any new material.

Why did you stop? The reason I stopped blogging was time restraints. I took on a big project at work and as you know blogging takes a huge amount of effort, between writing material, commenting on other blogs and social media.

Will you come back? I did keep the domain name Pursuing Retirement. I will not blog in 2018, but I will revisit the option when I have time (maybe when I am fully retired). I continue to follow all my favorite bloggers and read new material but only comment when I have time in front of the computer.

Word of wisdom? I don’t have much advise to give, but I really enjoyed blogging, writing and researching the material. Learning WordPress and many social media applications. My favorite part was corresponding with other bloggers. It was a good experience.

Looking forward to read his blog again, one day!

Mr Freaky Frugal

Mr Freaky Frugal

He posted consistently for just under one year. His first post was May 15, 2017.

Last post: May 7, 2018


An Intentional Lifestyle. The site is down

Last post: May 29, 2018?

A Good Life MD

A Good Life MD

Started blogging in July 2017, not on a consistent basis but with at least one post per month.

Last post: May 5, 2018

Mr All Things Money

Mr All Things Money –

I tried accessing the blog one more time before publishing this post and here is the message I got: It doesn’t look like you have been invited to read this blog. If you think this is a mistake, you might want to contact the blog author and request an invitation.

Do any of  you know what that means? Private blog?

Last post: May 31st. 2018

Wrapping Up

Blogging is not as easy as it looks. There is a lot of work involved, from writing a post to social media to the technical aspect of blogging, regardless of whether you are trying to generate income or not. It is very time-consuming and, at first anyway, requires a consistent posting schedule.

Whatever your reasons are for blogging, you most likely want people to read what you publish (right?) and the only way to get any kind of exposure is to promote your blog. It won’t happen on its own, you have to make it happen! (I am a pretty good example of what NOT to do!)

You don’t believe me? Check out my post: Personal Finance Bloggers Wanted! to get a full job description!

I have taken a few breaks myself. All documented in various posts:

And check out the following post: New Blogging Statistics at Looks like not everybody spends a lot of time working on their blog!

How about you, were you following a blogger who disappeared in the last few months? Do you know what happened to him/her? Do you care?

If you are a blogger, have you considered quitting? Taking an extended break? If so, why? Are you one of the bloggers listed above? Anything more you want to add?

Where did they go? Missing Bloggers!

66 thoughts on “Where Did They Go? Missing Bloggers!

  1. Very interesting. 2 observations. MSM is really surprising. All that time and effort to build it to a massive success and then just gone. I know Rob was considering an overseas work assignment. Maybe that got in the way. And I could never do it while working full time and do not know how people who do have any free time away from work and their blog. Tom

    1. Hi Tom, I was very surprised with MSM and Married With Money, they both seemed to have their s**t together (not like I do!). So much work and effort gone to waste:(
      I totally agree with your second comment. I sometimes struggle with my one post a week and I am not very active with social media. It’s still difficult to find the time, not sure how others are doing it. Mostly with some of them having young kids and posting several times a week! Unreal. Have a great week-end Tom.

    1. I just hope they are all ok. That’s the part you never get to know. Did they just stop because they wanted to or did something happen to them? Thanks for stopping by:)

  2. good post. I have seen a couple vanish ot not post for awhile.

    Rob @ mustard seed is one of them. Leo @ i saved5k isnt that regular anymore.

    screaming little man hasnt posted in a bit.

    sucks to see but yeah blogging definately takes a bit of work.

    I enjoy it but somedays i dont feel lke writing a post. Theres always the next day.


    1. Hi Rob, I did notice Leo hasn’t been posting as much. I don’t know “screaming little man” but love the name:)
      As documented in my blog, I do lose interest sometimes or get sidetracked and I end up taking a blogging break. I know it affects my page views but let’s face it , I will never attract that many anyway:)
      Like Tom mentioned, I don’t know how some bloggers do it, to keep up with their families, their job and their blogging “work”. Amazing!
      Have a great week-end Rob:)

  3. The really weird ones are the sites that disappear suddenly, not just stop posting. In my 2.5 years of blogging I’ve seen many good ones come and go. Myself and Rob essentially started in the same month. MSM was way more successful then I’ve been. One can just hope everything’s alright.

  4. i used to follow freaky frugal too. i liked the blogs from people a little ahead of my schedule and already retired or very close at least. ms. 99 to 1 percent was nice to me when i started. they apparently made a bunch of money selling some software and were from toronto. i liked bayalis is the answer too (vanished). that adventure rich used to be around quite a bit. y’never know what happens in peoples’ personal lives. if mine was disrupted i would probably just stop with no warning.

    1. Same here. From the little breaks I took, it was suddenly with no warning so I assume it would be the same if I stopped blogging.
      I liked that 99 to 1 let us know what was going on and good for them with the sale of the software:)

  5. I’ve taken a few breaks as a blogger, but they definitely weren’t planned. It is funny how sometimes I go through spans of high productivity. I manage to create posts regularly during the school year, in addition to my teaching job, but don’t get any done during the entire summer vacation.

    Handy Millennial is another blogger that disappeared. There is a message on his site, but the posts are gone.

    1. Yes same here, none of them were planned, life just got in the way or I lost the motivation for a few weeks. I could see why you wouldn’t get any done during the summer, it’s vacation time!

  6. You know, I had noticed Dave had gone quiet a while back! Blogging is not easy at all. Some days it’s tempting to let other priorities get in the way, and I totally get how it’s not a long term thing for everyone. I’m just happy we had everyone for the time that we had them! I love reading such a great variety of money blogs.

  7. I like your little graphic about missing me, awww thanks 🙂 So in case anyone is wondering, I’m doing fine….I imagine all of the other missing bloggers are too. And now I’m going to say something slightly depressing to active bloggers – I think bloggers who quit just realize that there are better, and more impactful, ways of spending their time. Although I reached some people with my blog – I even met one reader and helped him put an offer on a rental house – I really think my blogging impact was limited, especially for the time, effort, and money I put into it. Wow, just way too much! Blogging was an interesting learning curve and I’m very glad I did it, but I wouldn’t recommend it honestly. And a final thought…do any other bloggers look back at some of their posts and feel slightly embarrassed? Posts that I thought were inspirational when I hit Publish, often seemed narcissistic and self-promotional in the rear view mirror. But maybe that was just my style, haha.

    1. Hi Kat! Thanks for stopping by:) Maybe this post will give you some motivation to post again? Or not!
      Glad you got to meet one of your reader. I would like to know if I am helping some of my readers (still a limited amount!) once in a while, it would give me additional motivation on down days.

    2. Hi Kat!!! I thought you don’t blog at all anymore. I’ve been meaning to ask how your brother is. Nice to hear from you.

      Caroline, thanks for this list, it’s sad. I’ve been around since Money Beagle was around (on the other blog, Y&T, lol) so always nice to see familiar ‘faces’ or ‘avatars’.

      Blogging is hard and takes a lot of time! It’s not as easy as people make it to be.

      1. Hi GYM, blogging is hard and must be even harder for new mothers like yourself! I don’t know how bloggers with small children and a full time job do it, but glad you do:) cheers

      2. Ha, I don’t really blog anymore but when I got a ping on Money Scrap I had to check it out! 🙂 And my brother is doing really well, his recovery has been incredible. I’ve learned so much about TBI that I never knew before his accident. I highly recommend to those interested an HBO documentary called “Crash Reel” about Olympic snowboarder Kevin Pearce (his brain injury and recovery). Incredibly entertaining and informative and touching. Kevin Pearce also runs a non-profit call to benefit the TBI community. Anyway….
        Great to hear from you GYM and hope you and your family are well and looking forward to the holiday season!

  8. I’ve been blogging on and off for a few years, but can never seem to get it together enough to post regularly. I can definitely understand why people fall of the radar when life gets a little crazy, especially if it’s not a full time job. I’m not doing it for the money, but I was thrilled this week to make my first income from Amazon Affiliates! Only $14.99, but I’ve been jazzed all week – especially because it was from something I actually love and I’m glad other people are buying it.

    It’s kind of funny how you start to feel connected to people that you’ve never met just by reading their blogs. I’d be really sad if some of the bloggers I follow fell off the face of the earth. Keep up the postings, Caroline! We enjoy them.

    1. Congratulations Bec! I haven’t made any money from my blog so any amount is impressive to me. Was it one of your recommended books?
      I think if I was to stop blogging, I would miss the connections the most.
      Thanks for the kind words . Cheers

      1. It was a book and an LED light strip of all things. I’ve been kicked off of the affiliate program a few times because of having no sales and then this week it really picked up. I have very low readership because I’m not good at promotion, so maybe my parents are buying things? Who knows! 🙂 I’m hoping to have enough sales to cover my web hosting costs and maybe buy my husband a beer or two as thanks for the occasional proofreading.

        1. Hi Bec, I got kicked off one of the affiliates too. I think it was amazon, but I never added any amazon affiliate in my posts so I guess I deserved it! I can relate to the low readership, but at least you got some income! Even if it is your parents:)

  9. Hi Caroline,

    I’ve been following you for a while, but never commented. This post was so interesting to me as an aspiring blogger!

    I’ve been putting in 30-50 hour weeks for the last month trying to get my blog up and running, and I LOVE it! I’m hoping this feeling of excitement will continue. But articles like this help to keep me realistic.

    It’s sad to see so many great bloggers who’ve fallen by the wayside. You’ve done some great research to try and track them down though! Hopefully those who still want to blog can get back to it when life’s a little less crazy.

    Anyway, thanks for the great post!


    1. Hi Chrissy, 30 to 50 hours per week? That is a lot of hours! I will make sure to checkout your blog. Is the work paying off yet? Hopefully you find the right balance and keep at it. I think that is the key to blogging for some of us, to find the right balance:) Cheers

      1. Yeah it’s a lot of time! 😱 Maybe I’m a really slow learner (there’s SO MUCH to learn and set up when starting a blog)!

        I honestly will still be totally happy blogging even if I don’t make a cent. I haven’t even launched or interacted with readers yet, but it’s already been so fun and rewarding!

        1. Actually running pretty low these days! I need “landlord motivation” badly right now, I think you could fix that with one of your great real estate post! Just do it:)

    1. I miss you too! It is definitely some of the connections that become very personal that I miss the most. But I would say it’s hard for me to blog just a little bit. Once you stop, you see things here and there and think “I should respond that” or “I should post about that,” but with every day that passes it’s somehow harder to do.
      I think, Angela, you will have staying power because you have a true passion for environmental conservation and avoiding conspicuous consumption. As for me… real estate is a great way to make money. Period. Ha!

  10. I get it. Blogging takes TIME and dedication. I find, like everyone else, some days, I’m just not feeling it. The words don’t flow and I close the laptop and come back the next day. I think of blogging like Doc G. It is therapy for me, almost like writing a journal. BTW. If I ever stop blogging it will be a mic drop. I hate goodbyes.

  11. Hi Caroline, very interesting research. For 3-4 times during the last 12 months, I was thinking about quitting. This relationship with blogging has been kind of love and hate. Lately this relationship has been stabilized in some way. While I have to stay in China for such a long time, blogging gives me more comfort and distraction from the daily village life here. I like writing, and blogging seems more a fun if I don’t pay much attention to the page views. My current post schedule (once a week) works better with me.

    1. Hi Helen, same here with the love/hate relationship. I think it depends on what is going on in my life too! I have been trying to stick to one post a week and it is more manageable while I work and take care of my older kids! But some weeks I am still not as motivated.

  12. Lots of people give up on blogging when they realize what long term bloggers already know – the content creation that you assume is the main part of the job is really only about 10% of the job. About 70% is promotion and 20% is monetization. Even if you decide not to monetize, that still leaves promotion as 7/8th of the job. And promotion isn’t actually fun for most writers. And then some people realize they don’t actually like writing.

    It also just takes time to build a following. I’d guess it takes a couple of years of consistent blogging to know if you’re going to be successful or not. That’s a lot of posts. At 3/week, that’s 100 posts. That’s a lot of work to steal from somewhere else in your life to put into something that may or may not work out.

    In my experience, it helps if you have both a mission you really care about and a goal to make some money doing it. When I’m not motivated by money, the mission carries me. When I get a little burnt out on the mission, I look at the money. Seems to work for me as I work through my 8th year.

    It can also be fun to do something new. Like add a podcast or a newsletter or a new social media platform or write a book etc.

    P.S. I could add hundreds of bloggers that have quit to your list. I guess that’s what happens when the barrier to entry is so low but the barrier to success is so high.

    1. You are so right about the content creation. I did think it would be most of the work, but it is not. Promotion is key and it takes a lot of time and effort.
      I like how you stay motivated, maybe I will reconsider the money aspect sooner rather than later if it may help me “stick around” longer.
      Thanks for commenting:)

    2. I think when you first start the blog it is interesting and fun, and you feel the rush of having those first few visitors trickle in. Real people actually reading my site!

      Over time the day in and day out hard work of running a website, publishing content, finding ways to monetize, promoting the content, becoming a wordpress guru and everything else that goes along with it – can start to wear on you after a while.You have to really enjoy it to keep it going. Most don’t keep it going past 6-12 months.

      I completely agree that it pays to have some strong motivations for publishing a blog – be it monetary, a mission – or both. I felt strongly about trying to help others with my content, and I monetized my site from the get-go. I treated my blog as a business, writing 5 days a week for the first year or two, I spent a LOT of time working on the design of my site, publishing content, finding backlinks,researching topics and keywords, and more. I’m glad I didn’t have kids when I started the site!

      Here I am 10 years later and hundreds of hours of work later and I’ve got a successful site that has been able to pull in a few million page views.

      Was it easy? Nope. Was it worth it? Completely.

      Of the hundreds of sites that started up back when I first started my site, I can probably count the ones that are still around that I read back then on 2 hands. All the others disappeared over the months and years. I know they’re gone usually because all the links I gave to those sites start coming back as ‘404 not found’ dead links when I do a site audit. *sigh. So sad.

      1. Maybe it is the key to keep blogging, to treat your blog as a business.
        Sometimes I find myself using my blog as self therapy, other times I try to help others in some ways, not just with money but with life in general. Maybe my mission is not clear enough or strong enough to keep me going for another 10 years.
        Time will tell.

  13. Interesting post. I think you earned your “Stalker of the 1st order” merit badge! 😀

    Totally agree that blogging constantly isn’t easy. I’m not sure how I’ve managed 3 years!

    1. HI Mr. Tako, I thought you had been blogging for way longer! Still 3 years is pretty amazing, and without trying to make much money!
      “Stalker of the 1st order” merit badge! Not sure what to think of that? Does it come with a gold plaque? 🙂 Cheers

  14. Great post, Caroline! I really enjoyed it. I have noticed a few bloggers come and go over the years as well. MSM is one of the more surprising ones because he was so consistent and doing so well. There have been a few bloggers that I got to know briefly that stopped after about 6 months. Another one that was really surprising was Income Surfer. I really enjoyed Bryan from Income Surfer posts. At least I have been able to stay in touch with Bryan though. And even further back, Dividend Mantra. But fortunately Jason is blogging again now.

    I understand and I don’t at the same time. I go through brief phases where I am not as motivated to blog. I hate when it happens because I have to catch up and build habits again. I did towards the end last year, and I am going through a phase right now. I guess I just have been more engaged with finances and managing my portfolio recently.

    But then I read a post like this and never want to stop. And I sorta feel guilty for slowing down… Thanks for sharing!

    1. HI Graham, like Helen said, I think we all have this love/hate relationship with blogging. Or maybe we get addicted to it! I never read Income Surfer, is the site still up?
      I think little breaks can be good for some of us. We come back energized and ready to write amazing (or just good) posts! It probably gets harder to come back as the breaks get longer. Hang in there, I like interacting with your BoD!:)

      1. I probably am addicted to some parts of blogging. If I didn’t have a full-time job or if I was FI, I could see myself spending a lot of my time blogging.

        No Income Surfer’s site is not live anymore but he’s still on Twitter. And thanks for the motivation. The BoD definitely values the rapport that was built up during the meeting when the site was for sale lol. Hope you’re having a a great weekend!

  15. I’ve been blogging for a few years and have noticed bloggers disappear, unfortunately. It’s even worse when it’s people that you’ve met and really connected but have no other contacts other than their blogs or social media. I suppose that’s the reality of blogging, life sometimes gets in the way.

    1. I would hope if you meet and connect with some of them, they would keep in touch once they stop blogging. But you are right that it seems to be the reality of blogging.

  16. When I first started blogging and created a rapport with a good number of fellow bloggers where we would comment on each other’s blog and interact on Twitter, I thought this is a great way to interact with them. Then one day….poof they are suddenly gone. Some would do a final posting on why they are quitting and others would vanish without a word. They all have various reasons why and it’s sucks at first but then we just move on and continue working on our blogs until we may call it quits one day. I think it’s the reality of the blogging world.
    I really liked reading Rob’s(Mustard Seed Money)blog. He has a lot of good posts and from reading them, he was considering moving overseas for a new job. My guess is that he may have done it and taken a break from blog or quit altogether. Just hope Rob the other bloggers you mentioned on here are doing well.

    1. I guess it’s harder to understand when the blogger seems successful. To put in all that work and just leave it! You just assume there has to be a good reason.
      Unlike my blog, if I stopped overnight, most people would probably assume I just gave up! Getting page views is really hard work!

  17. Sweet jesus I can’t believe you wrote this!! I mean I notice a few people not posting but “find out 90 to 95% of bloggers quit within the first 6 months” is too high of a number. I say more like 50-60% by the first 6 months. Mustard seed money was the shocking one. I hope he’s OK and nothings wrong!! Why did he just disappear 🙁

    1. Hi Lily, I didn’t make up those numbers, they must be reliable, I found them on the internet! lol
      The odds are they are all ok but needed to get some of their time back! Cheers

  18. I still think about some of my blogging friends from back in the day (I’ve been PF blogging for almost 12 years) who are no longer blogging or using their old Twitter accounts. Super duper shout-out to my old Twitter bestie Mrs. Micah (should she somehow ever see this)!

  19. Blogging is a huge time commitment. Everyone gets burnt out from time to time and life takes over. That is basically how my year has been going. I have only really posted once a month and it is a dividend income report. Tracking is the main focus anyway so at least I get those posts out. I do miss writing and sharing normal posts though.

    As for a few of the ones you mentioned. That is crazy with MSM. He was very active and his site was doing quite well for viewership. Mr ATM I still talk to a lot on social media. He is very active on Twitter. He is already retired so the website was just something fun to do. He had stopped posting months ago before the domain expired. Not sure if he renewed but I know he got a new dog that keeps him pretty busy now days.

    It is too bad to see people quit, but I totally understand the reasoning behind it. Look on the bright side, new blogs are popping up every day so it is nice to see new faces added to the community.

  20. […] I must admit that blog goals are pure speculations (is 300 a lot or little?) and despite the fact that I have survived the first few months (close to 6), it is still difficult for me to write new posts, and I know it must be even more difficult for the readers.So, keeping a blog alive could be a more accurate goal. It is not easy, as you can find it this great article ( […]

  21. I know I’m a little late to the party, but as a new-comer, I would like to chime in on some of the thoughts in this post (and the comments).
    I think most bloggers start blogging out of passion, and then some (a lot) try and turn that into a business, which makes sense, and obviously there’s a lot of people out there, who manage to do it with great success.
    To me however, blogging was never about money. I don’t plan to monetize my blog any time soon, as it would remind me too much of a job.
    My blog is a place for me to vent some of my thoughts, and it certainly helps to know that people are out there reading, a lot of them on a similar journey (or plannig to start one). If I can inspire people to start their own journey, great! But I find (for now – only been blogging for about 4 months) that the best reads are the most personal blogs. When blogs gets too monetized, I tend to lose interest in the content, as it becomes kind of too bland.
    I really like doing the monthly updates! It’s so exciting to follow your own progress, and to see the numbers growing month by month really gives me a huge incentive to keep going! 🙂
    I can’t be sure that my blog will last for more than 6 months, but if it ever starts to feel like a job/a chore – I’ll definitely stop doing it. I have plenty of that in my life already 😛

    I find that blogging is also a great way for me, to clear my thoughts. Once I put it in writing, it’s out there – forever. It sort of makes everything more tangible. It also fascinates me to see other peoples thoughts/takes on similar subjets that currently interest me.

    Thanks for blogging, and keeping track of your peers (I really liked the stalker batch comment! HAHA!) 😉

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