When Life Gets In The Way Of Blogging!

This week has been so busy. Is it over yet?? I mean working full-time, being the only parent to my three kids and managing rental properties always keeps me very busy. But if you add dealing with trades and adjuster on the rental property , having my hard drive crash at work when I have tight deadlines, trying to plan a last-minute getaway skiing trip I promised my son for weeks and forgetting I made plans with several friends in that same week…things become hectic! And then there is blogging! Ah, when life gets in the way of blogging!

When Life Gets In The Way Of Blogging!

So what exactly did get in the way this week?

Working Full Time

  • Day To Day 

I always worked full-time, even when my kids were younger. For most part, I always enjoyed it. Now work is winding down and my last day will probably be sometimes at the end of the year. I am sure l will enjoy a much more relaxed schedule over the next few months as people are being let go, but for now it’s still busy.

  • Special project

There is always a special project! This week, I am working on drafting termination letters for people I have personally worked with for many years. No! Still not working on mine! I could step back and let the US HR staff handle it all but I want to ensure my co-workers are being treated fairly.  It requires a lot of extra hours, many of them outside of regular business hours because we have managers all over the States with various time zone. Our employment laws are so different in Canada ,under common law, sometimes determining the common law notice and severance pay can be a very tedious process .

  • My computer crashed on Friday!

I wasted almost two days working with our IT guy to get a new computer set up.  And since everything at work has some kind of encryption,  it takes longer to get it all set up! What a nightmare when you lose it all!

At least he was able to retrieve some of my recent files. We do use a “shared drive” where we keep our critical files but I usually only move my files there once I am done working on them.

And NO I didn’t do regular backups!!! I know, I know, I will! But I do tell my kids to do it.

Rental Properties:

You can’t predict a landlord’ schedule. For months you could just be doing nothing but collecting rent and then for the following weeks, you could be going non-stop between dealing with tenants, fixing units or trying to find new tenants. That’s a landlord’s life!

With my flooded basement back in December, things have been busy with one of my rentals. But today should be the last day I have to deal with the contractor. I will go back for one more inspection before I pay my deductible. Hopefully everything will be fine. Finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Planning A Ski Trip:

Next week my 16-year-old son is off for the week and because he loves skiing, I thought it would be nice for the two of us to go on a short ski trip.  His dad was a very outdoorsy kind of guy and I always feel guilty because I am not . I do love skiing but as I get older I really don’t enjoy the cold weather that much.

So since I have never been to Mont-Tremblant and it is only about 2 hours drive from our house, I thought it could be a nice little getaway. Apparently the skiing is great! But I need to find the time to look into it, time I don’t really have right now. I quickly checked last Monday and the ski passes were expensive so I need to shop around. At the same time, I will check if I can use my VISA reward points towards lodging there (finally travel hacking!). It may be nice to spend a night or two instead of a brief one day trip. The hotels/Airbnb at the bottom of the ski hills are a little pricey. Of course,  I could go with a cheaper option but I want it to be a nice treat for both of us. You can’t go cheap all the time! I don’t want him to be disappointed so I better make the time to book everything soon (So why am I wasting time writing this post then ?)


I swear my friends all talked to each other last week and decided to bombard me with lunch and dinner offers, individually! I usually try to balance my social life so I don’t do tons at once and then nothing later but, for some reason, I agreed to go out for lunch four days in a row this week! One of the day I had double booked! Maybe I do need a break! I don’t even like lunch:(

Anyway, I cancelled the first two days because of my work load and computer issues. Plus, honestly, lunch out four days in a row just didn’t appeal to me (and to my wallet). No matter how much I like seeing my friends. I still can’t believe I agreed to it! Two lunches in one week is still a lot more than I usually do. But I need to keep my friends happy and it may help keep my sanity this week. It is all about balance, just like everything else.

General Lack Of Motivation Towards Blogging This Week!

I know, shame on me! I do really enjoy blogging and it has been an amazing experience so far. But this past week, I am totally lacking motivation. It happens to the best of us:(

When Blogging May Get In The way Of Living Your Life!

Blogging is very time-consuming and ,since it is just a hobby right now, sometimes it has to take a back seat. Even if you have a few posts ready to go, you still need to find time to promote your blog, participate in social media, respond to comments. It can take a life of its own and before you know it, you’ve spent hours at your computer.

Because life was so much busier this week, it was more challenging to find any time to blog! The problem, when you are short on time and slowdown in your blogging activities, is that it usually affects your page views (for new blogger like myself ) and when your page views drop then you lose even more motivation to blog, it’s a vicious circle. On Sunday, my page views were so low, I wondered why I even bother!

So maybe life didn’t get in the way of blogging this week, maybe blogging sometimes gets in the way of me living my life?

Why Keep Blogging If I Don’t Have Time?

Well, in all honesty, I just love being busy. I think blogging could help me in my transition to part-time work or retirement, if I can keep at it. It could be a good side hustle in the future and would help me stay connected with the outside world. I don’t plan to rely on blogging income, but if blogging keeps me busy when things slow down, it remains enjoyable most of the time (for all of us!) and I can eventually make a little money at it, then why not keep trying? Plus, there is so much more I want to share!

How about you, does your life ever get in the way of blogging? Or does blogging ever get in the way of living your life? If so, why do you keep blogging?

Did you ever ski at Mont-Tremblant?

37 thoughts on “When Life Gets In The Way Of Blogging!

  1. Hi Caroline, Having gotten to know you over the past several months, I have to say I am amazed with your activity level. I started thinking about blogging back in 2010. I’m sure if I would have started back then and stuck with it I would have a really highly trafficed site by now. But, unlike you, there is no way I could have done it while working and commuting 60+ hours per week. And I didn’t have kids or rental properties. Just teaching part time, living life and blogging keeps me as busy as I want. I will just have to observe you in amazement and stick to my own slow pokey pace. Tom

  2. I prioritize my blog over other things, but I think, depending on your goals, we can achieve a solid balance.

    For some people 3 posts a week is good, for others 1 post a week is fine!

    Again, it depends on your goals 🙂

  3. Lol, I could relate to you when you said:

    “For months you could just be doing nothing but collecting rent and then for the following weeks, you could be going non-stop between dealing with tenants, fixing units or trying to find new tenants. That’s a landlord’s life!”

    Tell me about it! I didn’t have to find new tenants yet, but I had a time period where I was going nuts because my fiance is so busy at work, he doesn’t have time to deal with tenant issues… so when I had to come in, it was pretty crazy because some tenants are just unreasonable…………… So yeah, things like this does get in the way of blogging. Having a FT day job doesn’t help much either… add on, you got kids, etc.

    When I’m blogging, I remind myself that it’s something intrinsic. I find the more we look at daily numbers and other bloggers, the more you will treat it as a chore (which means you won’t enjoy it as much). I’m trying to look at my improvement on a monthly basis, and see what worked and what didn’t work. Try to different things too… Overall, I’m trying to treat it like a journey and learn bits and pieces along the way.

    1. I so agree with you on the blogging, I enjoy it so much more when I don’t look at the numbers or compare to other bloggers. I am getting better at it…I think! You have the right attitude , keep it up:)

  4. I skied at Mont Tremblant about three years ago with my family! I loved the little ski village. I mean, it’s a bit cheesy, but I didn’t care, i thought it was picturesque! And the whole family loved the poutine and crepes…YUM. Stayed at the Marriott near the lift and enjoyed the hot tub where you could sit there watching people glide over head on their way to the slopes. Have a great time with your son! What a special trip for you two 🙂

    1. Hot tub? That’s sounds great, I haven’t booked yet so maybe will need to make sure there is a hot tub for me!!! I am not a fan of poutine but I do love crepe. And cheesy is ok once in a while:)

  5. Wow Caroline
    I don’t know how you do it, but you are doing a good job getting everything done. I hope you have an awesome time skiing !!

  6. You are one busy lady! I wouldn’t how I create time to blog with your schedule but it looks you are handling it pretty well managing your properties, a FT job and the only parent of three kids. My wife and I have one kid, a full-time job and I barely have enough time to do one post a week.
    Enjoy the skiing trip with your son Caroline!

  7. Caroline, you are so productive! I don’t work, don’t have kids at home, and don’t own any rentals. Still, I’m not that motivated blogging. I just write whenever I feel like it. Have a great skiing time!

  8. I’m amazed you can fit in blogging with everything else in your life! Congrats on being able to even keep this blog alive!

    When I started my blog, I was very deliberate in making sure I allowed for the rest of life to get in the way. I’m not concerned about page-views, or promoting my blog much, but focused on the enjoyment it brings and the satisfaction of creating a good post. It’s so easy to get caught up in the circle of trying to grow your blog and page-views – which I’ve avoided so far, but realise the slippery slope is waiting for me – all depends on your goals in life I guess!

    Been a very long time since I’ve been skiing – the options in Australia aren’t all that great….

  9. Wow, Caroline! Just like all the other commenters said, I am amazed at how busy your schedule is. You are literally running circles around me. I guess I purposely designed my life with simplicity in mind. I used to work in the mutual fund/stock brokerage industry and it required a lot of studying after work. Even though I wasn’t blogging back then, I didn’t enjoy it because I never had time to work on any personal projects.

    Regarding your questions, life definitely gets in the way of blogging for me. I am now working in a digital space and it sometimes leaves me tired and not wanting to interact or comment. There have been other weekends where I spent time with friends and felt extremely guilty for not working on the blog once Monday rolls around. I can honestly say that blogging does not really get in the way of my life. It might hold me back from some parts of life, but I enjoy it so much that it doesn’t seem like a sacrifice. I guess I keep blogging because it suits my personality. I just like the being at a quiet desk with a fresh cup a coffee. I like writing and analyzing my portfolio. And it’s difficult for me to find others with the same interests as me. I find it hard to find people that want to have more intellectual conversations about topics like investing. I don’t know, I just have something inside me that tells me to continue with this.

    Sorry for the long comment. Hopefully you keep blogging because I really think you have a knack for it. You create really compelling pieces of content that generate a lot of engagement. You could probably have a lot of fun with it once you have more time. But if you don’t, it sounds like you got a lot of other stuff to keep you busy. Hope the computer issues are fixed and you have a great skiing trip. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Graham, thanks for the great comment and the kind words (I guess sometimes it helps to stay motivated so thank you!). Sounds like you found the right balance for blogging, I think I am getting there:)

  10. The one thing that keeps me going is the learning experience. The content I am able to read on other blogs coupled with the research I do to generate my own content. It does take a toll on my life. For now it is fun.

  11. Wow I can’t believe you worked full time and raised three children! You are amazing! How many hours of sleep do you get a night? I would like to see an hour by hour breakdown of your day LOL. Yes, please keep blogging, it’s a great activity when you have time, or if you are retired.

    Have a great time skiing with your son, what a wonderful trip!

    1. Haha, I get a lot more sleep than I used to! I am getting old:) But I do like being active and busy and probably don’t need as much rest as many others. And no I am definitely not amazing, just a regular mom trying to do her best:)

  12. Yes, life gets in the way of blogging and vice versa. But I love it. I started doing 2 and sometimes 3 posts a week, now I’m down to one a week with an additional one on occasion. The page views will come/continue, it just takes time.

    1. My page views don’t seem to increase very quickly but I will keep at it for now:) I will follow your lead and probably go down to one posting a week for a little while.

  13. Life can be so crazy. Good for you for sticking with it. This is inspiring to me as a new blogger. I am currently on maternity leave so I am using my blog as a creative outlet. I really enjoy it but if you want to be consistent and get ANYONE to read what you write then it takes a TON of work. Although a baby takes up about as much time during the day as a full time job I often wonder how I am going to balance everything when I return to work.

    I also enjoy being busy so hopefully I can stick to it as you have!! Take care and enjoy your ski vacation.

    1. Hi Financial Graduate, thanks for stopping by. Yes having a baby is a full time job. Then you go back to work and you adapt somehow. Sometimes I look back and really wonder how we did it all. It seems insane, but we did! If you enjoy blogging, you will find and make the time. You may just have to adjust your expectations a bit:)

  14. I think for me, blogging sometimes gets in the way of life. One is either trying to maintain current pageviews or increase them, etc. I’m starting to get deliberate as to how many hours I put into blogging so I can better balance everything else. I hope you enjoyed your time off skiing?


    1. Thanks for stopping by:) It is easy to let blogging get in the way. I truly think you need to get disciplined if you don’t want it to take over your life. Sometimes, if I feel I am getting a little out of control, I try not to look at my page views at all (it’s hard).

  15. Hey Caroline! I’m late to the party but I hope you are having a better week! It’s OK – life can get in the way of blogging, and blogging can get in the way of life. Finding the right balance is the key. I pretty much give blogging a priority when I really know the activity isn’t going to benefit my life, nor my family and just may cause more stress doing it (visiting extended family, clicky friends that may just suck the life out of you, etc).
    Wishing you well and you find your balance!

  16. Blogging is like a never ending to do list – there’s always more you could be doing, like promotion, commenting, brainstorming- it never ends! But I love it and it’s worth it in the long term <3
    Ps: full time uni student here and I know your struggle about motivation

    1. Hi Corinne, it’s great you already started a blog while in uni. And I agree with you, there is always so much more you could be doing, but we need to set some boundaries otherwise we will just go crazy!

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