5(Updated on March 03, 2018)

Finally! I have been thinking about putting this blogroll together for a while but never made the time before. Well here it is. My blog is all grown up! It has its own blogroll!

For more info on what kind of blog I like or anything related to the blogroll, check out My Blog Is All Grown Up! It Has Its Own Blogroll! 

 My Top Blogs

I don’t want to call them favorites because I really like a lot of the blogs I listed, sometimes just as much and all for different reasons. But if I had to pick my top blogs, today, they would have to be (in alphabetical order):

My Other Top Blogs

And, like I said, I still really like all the ones below too! My only disclaimer: I don’t always read everything they publish. But whatever I read, I usually like! 

For a list of Personal Finance blogs written by women, check out:

For a list of ALL active personal finance blogs (over 1,400), check out Rockstar Finance Directory:

Or you can check Modest Money Top Finance Blog:

Blogroll Updates

The plan is to try to update the list monthly.  I may remove blogs from the list for the following reasons:

  • Inactive (no post in over a month),
  • Too many affiliate links. I understand the need ($) to put some links but some posts are becoming ridiculous!
  • Blatantly promoting products/services for the sole purpose of income with no regards to readers’ needs.
  • Not relevant anymore (not enough personal finance content).

Hope you enjoy! Thanks again for your support:)