(Updated on February 25, 2019)

If you want to know more about my first blogroll, check out  My Blog Is All Grown Up! It Has Its Own Blogroll! 

My Blogroll

Here is the list of the blogs I follow and read on a fairly regular basis  (in alphabetical order):

Disclaimer: I don’t always read everything they publish. But whatever I read, I usually like! 

For a list of Personal Finance blogs written by women, check out:

For a list of ALL active personal finance blogs (over 1,400), check out Rockstar Finance Directory:

Or you can check Modest Money Top Finance Blog:

Background: What Kind Of Blogs Do I Like?

I like when the posts are:

    • From financially literate bloggers!
    • Not too long. My attention spent is too short for very lengthy post – unless they are REALLY good,
    • Motivating & engaging. Make me want to do better or try something new.
    • Informative – Learn something or be able to bring value to it,
    • Don’t have too many affiliate links or pop-ups (It drives me crazy otherwise),
    • Not selling products/services I wouldn’t endorsed myself,
    • From bloggers who seem to live a well-balanced and happy life, whether they are FI or working towards FI (RE is not as important to me). I like bloggers who plan for the future but know how to enjoy the present!
    • About lots of different personal finance and life topics; rental properties, passive income, travel hacking, frugality, living life.
    • A little humorous once in a while!
    • In line with my values

I no longer have a list of top blogs, depending on my mood I may be more inclined to read one blog versus another on any given day.

Blogroll Updates

The plan is to try to update the list monthly.  I may remove blogs from the list for the following reasons:

    • Inactive (no post in over a month),
    • Too many affiliate links. I understand the need ($) to put some links but some posts are becoming ridiculous!
    • Blatantly promoting products/services for the sole purpose of income with no regards to readers’ needs.
    • Not relevant anymore (not enough personal finance content).

Hope you enjoy! Thanks again for your support:)