Another Blogging Break? Again!

Another blogging break? Again! It has been almost a month since my last post and NO I haven’t given up on blogging…sorry:)  So why have I not been posting anything? How can I not keep up with a weekly post you ask?

First I Want To Share Big News:

My oldest daughter got engaged!

He proposed while they were on Big Island (Hawaii) two weeks ago (Yes right when the hurricane happened! No, no stress here:))

I Didn’t Feel Like Blogging

I know I know, no big deal, nobody is making me do anything. Unfortunately, when you start a blog, there are some expectations or requirements if you want to attract readers, or keep the ones you have.

You are expected to establish a set schedule and stick to it. You also have to be active on social media, promote your blog, other people’s blogs, comment, blah blah blah.

Well sometimes, it gets overwhelming! And some days I really don’t feel like doing any of it. Blogging is supposed to be fun (for me that is, obviously much different for full-time bloggers or bloggers actively trying to make blog income). Having a schedule is ok but not if I feel stressed out every time a post is not ready ON TIME…then it starts to feel like work! And right now I already have a job, thank you very much.

So the breaks are helpful. It allows me to take a step back and look at it from a different perspective. It helps bring blogging back to being a fun hobby. When you blog, you can get so caught up in getting more views, more subscribers, followers…and for some of us, it’s not very healthy (for our mind)!

Please don’t think I don’t value the few of you who actually read my posts by not wanting to stick to a schedule. I mean no disrespect and hope you signed up (or will) to get my updates so you know when I do publish a new post. I will focus on quality vs quantity.

And to some of my BBBs (Best Blogging Buddies), I am so grateful for your support since I started this blog and hope you don’t feel I am letting you down by taking my many breaks.

Just to name a few of my BBBs and in no particular order: Lily (, Tom (, Helen (, Graham ( ( Kris ( and the support of many many more including Amy ( THANK YOU.

Needed To Get Some Of My Time Back!

Blogging is very time-consuming and does take time away from other valuable activities, including sleep! I know for some bloggers, it takes them no time to write a post, but for me, it does!  So what did I do with my time?

Spent More Time with Friends And Family

  • My niece was visiting from France for 2 months and spent a few week-ends with us so we took her around town. We went to two pretty cool events I had never been too; Mosaiculture 2018Mosaiculture 2018 (45 majestic floral masterpieces celebrating nature in all its splendor, designed with more than 5.5 million plants) and The Sound and Light Show on Parliament.
  • Spent more time with my middle child and “chilled” together at neat little coffee shops around town while my two other kids were away.
  • Made more time for my partner and I! I know most other PF bloggers seem to have perfect relationships but, in my house, it takes a little extra work:) Blended family!!!
  • Went for more walks with my best friend and took the time to go out for dinner a few times with others.

Focused More On Health

  • Increased my exercise level! With all the stuff going on at work, my stress level has been a little higher than usual, so I increased the length of my daily walks to help me unwind.
  • Started a lower carb, low sugar diet (not a keto diet but some similarities) to help me feel better and used my Fitbit to keep track of my food intake at first. It does take a little time to get used to it but I am already feeling healthier!

Took The First Real Steps To Deal With My Termination

  • Found and hired a fairly high level lawyer. Worked with her on the response to my termination offer. The lawyer I had seen before, at the beginning of the year, seemed a little too soft. This one is the real deal and unfortunately costs $645/hr! It is a lot of money but I have a lot at stake so I feel it is money well spent. It has been going on long enough and without legal representation they won’t necessarily take me seriously or respond in a timely manner. I want them to know I mean business now! We sent my counter offer two weeks ago and expect their response back this week. No worries, there will be a full post on this!
  • Registered for a Real Estate Salesperson course! As you know, I am a little of a MLS addict (real estate listings), I check it almost every morning. I thought it would be good to find out a little more about what the job entails and see if it could be a potential future career for me. I want to keep all my options open.


  • Finally registered to volunteer at the local hospital. I had to fill in an application on-line, including preferred time and volunteer activities. Hoping I will hear back from them soon, I am looking forward to it. Maybe I can finally have an update on “volunteering” in my monthly report! 
  • Spent more time looking for and trying new recipes, our menu was getting a little boring.
  • Read a couple of books from some of my favorite french authors, Guillaume Musso & Marc Levy. Nothing to do with finance or financial independence. It can’t always be about money!

Wrapping Up

Very soon, I will hit my one year blogging anniversary. It has been fun and interesting and I look forward to more of it. What I realized over the last few months is that a blogging schedule is not my thing and I don’t enjoy being on social media 24//7, I hope you will forgive me.

But I am committed to my blog and to you.  I may not always keep a schedule and will take many breaks from social media (for my mental health:) but I will keep at it. Hoping to keep my blog interesting enough for you to want to come back.

Until my next post…


Please pin me:)


Should you take a blogging break?

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20 thoughts on “Another Blogging Break? Again!

  1. Thanks for your honest post about taking some time off, Caroline. And thanks for the shout-out! Much appreciated and I consider you one of my best blogging buddies as well. As for staying on schedule, it is weird how starting a blog creates this pressure to continue. I feel guilty when I take a break from blogging. But the best part about blogging is you get to make your schedule whatever you want. I also think you have a great way of connecting to your audience through your honest writing, so I don’t think taking a break will hurt your readers too much. Your blogging style is unique and your posts are interesting to read so I will continue to come back :). Glad to hear that you are committed and focussing on your health. Sounds like a smart move to consult a lawyer. It sounds like so many new things have been happening with the family and with work. Thanks for the update.

    1. Thanks BBB:) Really appreciate your feedback and your encouragement. Sometimes I feel I am just writing for myself! But I decided, even if it was the case, I would keep at it for now:)
      Glad to know you will keep coming back, I hope for a very long time. Cheers

  2. With our mutual 1 year blogging anniversary here, I was starting to wonder. In fact, this morning I checked your site to see the last time you posted and thought you threw in the towel. Totally understand. When I worked full time I wanted to start a blog, but knew it would just stress me out. Your blog, your rules Caroline. Thanks for the mention! And congrats to your daughter. Tom

    1. Thanks Tom. You have been so much more disciplined in your blogging style. I feel like I am all over the place sometimes:)
      And , while I would love to use the excuse of my job, I don’t know if I will get any better with schedules once I no longer work…will see.
      Either way, it looks like we both made it!

    1. Thanks Angela, much appreciated. Funny how comments and words of encouragement from fellow bloggers can make such a difference. I don’t think I am going about it the right way to increase traffic but that is the way it will have to be for now:)

  3. Congratulations to all on your daughter’s engagement! Sounds like you had a nice break. It’s so good to connect with family and friends, and we all need a break sometime…so we don’t break. I hope you get a favorable response on the termination stuff this week.

    1. Thanks Amy:) yes I can’t wait to get this termination stuff finalized. I may just pull the plug myself if I have to.
      And it has been nice to make more time for friends and family. I think it’s all about balance and I need to keep working at it:) Cheers

  4. I’ve definitely taken blogging breaks in the past, they can be super necessary when life gets in the way or you’re just not feeling the whole writing thing. I’ve found that the longer I blog the better I’ve been about sticking to a schedule and trying (often failing) at having a few drafts ready to go. Don’t feel bad about needing to take a break, we’ve all been there and life has to come first.

    1. Thanks Sarah for your kind words:) How long have you been blogging? Glad to know I may get better at sticking to a schedule as time goes. I do have a few drafts but I find that if I am not in the mood, I don’t feel like publishing them!

  5. Thanks for providing your current ongoings Caroline!! You are managing your blog the right way, post whenever you feel and think of it as something fun to do, go on social media whenever you have the time to promote it. When life gets in the way you have to deal with that first and foremost. When my son was having a fever and coughing last holiday season, I didn’t even think about writing up my next blog post or be active on social media to interact with other bloggers. I just wanted BwC to get better. As soon as he stopped coughing and his fever went down, I went back working on my blog.
    So happy your sticking around and continuing to blog, your one of the blogs I look forward to reading to.
    Thanks for mention on here and congrats on your daughter’s engagement!!

  6. I loved this update. It seems like you are completely FI already and enjoying life!

    Congratulations on your eldest daughter’s engagement!!!! Do you like your future son in law?

    Thanks for the BBB shoutout, don’t worry about me, we will always be here for you 🙂

    This second time around I have blog posts drafted up (about 2 months worth) but still get myself into a tizzy or stressed out. I need to chill out and take a break- I am day 3 of back to work and my brain feels a bit mushy and tired haha.

    1. Hi GYM, I love my future son in law plus he is french!:)
      Wow, back at work with a baby at home! I would think blogging is going to be a little more challenging:( There will be so many other stressors, make sure you take good care of yourself. I’ll be here for you too:) (ok maybe on and off, lol)

  7. Congrats to your daughter’s new fiancé!!! Very exciting!

    Woahhh $645/hr! Lol OK my life goal is to have someone pay me that much – jessssus!

    Thank you for the shout out love. I’ve taken a step back from blogging too, to focus on other projects ❤️ it’s not easy and we’re never clearing 645/hr for blogging 😭😂😂 it’s OK to stop something you don’t enjoy sacrificing for.

    1. Thanks Lily, it is very exciting. I am freaking out a little bit because I suck at that wedding planning crap! So bad at it that the only way my husband and I could actually get married is by planning for it 2 days before!!! Otherwise I was just getting overwhelmed with all the choices. We will see what my daughter’s expectations are soon enough. For now, they are waiting for her future husband to finish his Master (2 years to go).
      On the lawyer, it is actually $650/hr!! I got her first bill last night, all she did so far is meet with me and write a letter to my employer, guess how much???? $2,700!
      I hope we get my company to pay for some of it. At least it’s tax deductible:)
      I didn’t realize you took a step back too. You are doing so well and aren’t you actually making money at it too?

  8. i only wrote one post on vacation for a week. not having the routine throws me off and so did not having a desk. i don’t do well from a laptop on my lap. hey, you did other cool stuff at least.

  9. I love this! It sounds like you spent your time wonderfully. I did the mosaïculture last year with the kids and we absolutely loved it! As a very intermittent blogger, I can totally relate :). Congrats on your daughter’s engagement and good luck with all the termination process (ouch on that lawyer bill)!

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