Hi my name is Caroline and I am the proud owner of this blog. I am FIRO (Financially Independent Retirement Optional) aspiring to be FFRO (Financially Free Retirement Optional)! I enjoy working and plan to keep at it until I no longer have the desire to. What else can I say?

Who Am I/Are We?

Blog Name – Money Scrap???

Why the name Money Scrap? Well it wasn’t the intended name for my blog. I made a typo when I registered the name and by the time I realized it I was too far in the process (or too cheap)! And yes I even “confirmed” the domain name and NO I wasn’t smoking anything! It didn’t sound too bad so I kept going. We will see maybe one day I will fix it!

Why This Blog

This blog is about my personal journey to happiness (more of it) and Financial Freedom. My life is pretty good right now but I am still working full-time and it is preventing me from doing many of the things I would love to do. I would like to volunteer, take classes, start my own business, cook or take extended trips. Yes you can squeeze in some of those activities while working full-time but it can become overwhelming pretty quickly.

Financial Freedom?

Financial Freedom to me is about having enough money to live happy, comfortably and being free to only do what I want to do. I don’t plan to wait until financial freedom to start working on a better and happier balanced life but it will be easier once I get there.

Life is about choices and, while I can could retire now if I wanted to, I feel it would be a little premature for me. It would require some sacrifices I am not ready to make yet. Plus I never plan to retire completely because I actually enjoy working. So for now, I decided to keep working full-time for another 5 years, maybe less, in order to reach Financial Freedom. I will be 55! (Not as early as others, but not so bad for a one income family with three kids).

The Goals:

Until then, I am going to work towards my goals – be happy and financially free – by:

  • Increasing the amount I save – Reduce my expenses (I am already pretty frugal but I can do better),
  • Diversifying my portfolio – Invest in dividend paying stocks (yes I know, where have I been?!),
  • Finding ways to create new income, mostly for the future.
  • Managing my three rental units more efficiently. I have almost given up several times in the last few years. The landlord business can be really tough some days!. (To be a landlord or not to be?)
  • Becoming healthier, happier and reach a better work-life balance.
  • Continue teaching my kids how to become financially independent (win-win for me)
  • Managing my home life to remain a happy place , now that my partner and I have moved in together…and my kids!

Check out my Monthly Money Reports to find out about my FI income and expenses, and read about my monthly grocery challenge!

“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.” – Paulo Coelho