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Save Money On Groceries- Repurpose Leftovers!

Save Money On Groceries- Repurpose Leftovers!

I can’t help it, it’s not just about money, I hate wasting! Maybe the fact that I was partly raised by a great aunt who lived thru 2 world wars. She was born in 1900! (she was in her 70s when I was a kid  and she was very healthy and active) Her motto was “Rien a la poubelle!” (Translation: Nothing in the garbage) And she meant NOTHING! She knew what it was like to not have enough and even when she was better off financially, she was still very careful.

As I am getting older, it is all coming back to me (and she thought she was wasting her time!) and I try my best not to waste (good) food. There is so much you can do with leftovers.

If you have enough leftovers, it’s easy to do a Leftover Dinner Night! Or if you have a good single portion, you can take it to work for lunch. But what if you don’t have enough for any of those options? Check out some of my suggestions below.

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Here are a few of my repurpose left overs “recipes”:

Repurpose Leftovers Ideas:

1. Stale Pita bread : Homemade Pita Chips

  • Cut up the pita bread and add vegetable oil, sugar and cinnamon (even a little vanilla if you have some) and bake in the oven briefly et voila!
  • Or add olive oil, Italian seasoning and parmesan or any other mix you may enjoy. They are so expensive at the store!

Homemade Pita Recipe

2. Stale Bread : French Toast (Called Pain Perdu in France)

  • To make French toast all you need is eggs, milk, vanilla and sugar. You can also add cinnamon, berries or chocolate chips. 

French Toast Recipe

3. Or (Still With) Stale Bread : Homemade Croutons

  • Make homemade croutons – Cut up the bread in little squares, season to taste (I like to mix with olive oil, Italian seasoning, garlic and parmesan) and put in the oven for about 15 mns. It’s so good, they don’t always make it into the salad!

Croutons Recipe

4. Ripe Fruits : Smoothie

  • Freeze them to make a smoothie later, almost any fruit, you can even add your leftover spinach leaves. My son makes a killer smoothie with berries, banana, coconut milk, spinach and vanilla.  Check  out  the  recipe: Clean Eating Coconut Milk Smoothie

5. Ripe Bananas : Banana Cake or Muffins

  • Freeze them and make banana bread or muffin at your convenience!

Banana Bread Recipe

6. Ripe Apples : Applesauce, Muffins or Pie

  • Make homemade applesauce, apple muffins or apple pie.

7. Ripe Tomatoes : Homemade Salsa

If you have very ripe tomatoes or leftovers tomatoes from making stuffed tomatoes?

  • Make a home made Salsa, it is so good. Don’t forget the cilantro, it makes a world of difference!

One of many Homemade Salsa Recipes

8. Small Amounts of Meat Or Vegetables

  • Cut it up in small pieces and make stir fry or fried rice

Leftover Veggie Chicken Stir Fry or Fried Rice Recipe

9. Leftover Ham : Quiche

  • If I am not ready to use it, I cut it up and freeze it until I am ready to make quiche. I make mine without crust, it’s gluten free and much faster to make.

No Crust Bacon Quiche Recipe

10. “Everything But The Kitchen Sink” Frittata

Mini Frittatas
Preparation of homemade mini frittatas
  • A large frittata or small muffin size frittatas with various fillings, easy to take on the go and perfect for breakfast.

How To Make Frittatas?

Mini Frittatas
Cooked and ready to go!

11. “Everything But the Kitchen Sink” Omelet

  • Make an omelet filled with whatever you have leftover: grilled peppers, chopped ham, broccoli, grated cheese…

12. “Everything But The Kitchen Sink” Soup

  • Mix all your leftovers in broth and add some rice or noddles.

Delicious Soups From Leftovers Recipe

13. “Everything But The Kitchen Sink” Salad .

  • Toss all your leftovers together: raw vegetables or even cooked, bits of cheese, onions, meats with lettuce and your favorite dressing.
    Repurpose leftovers!
    And everybody will enjoy it! Source: Giphy.com

Don’t Forget To Freeze Your Leftovers

If I am not ready to make any of those recipes , I freeze the leftovers until I am ready to do so. I don’t usually wait very long before I use them, maybe up to two-three weeks. My oldest daughter thinks my banana bread is better when I use the frozen bananas!

Reduce Waste + Save Money On Groceries!

We reduce waste and save money at the same time, and it’s all healthy food. What’s not to like!

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Do you have any special recipe to “repurpose” leftovers you care to share?

For more ideas, check out the following:

Save Money on Groceries - Repurpose Leftovers

14 thoughts on “Save Money On Groceries- Repurpose Leftovers!

  1. Great ideas Caroline! I use a lot of these already, but I don’t naturally think of the “everything but the kitchen sink” ideas… thanks for the reminder! I’ll have to try them next time we’ve got bits of leftovers. 😉

    1. The kids are not always crazy about “everything but the kitchen sink” ideas so I tell them if they don’t eat it when I make it, I will serve it again the next day! lol

  2. hi ms. caroline. we utilize almost all of these, but i especially like your individual fritatas in the muffin tins. in our house almost any leftover goes into a flour tortilla as sometimes fusion cuisine! i’ll jam leftover meatballs into one or lamb or fish. one of my biggest influences growing up was my great grandmother who was born in the 1800;s. she was one of my best pals and would save a piece of tinfoil until it disintegrated, having lived through the great depression. she also gave me the love of cooking and i still haven’t had regular old-style american food as good as hers. cheers!

    1. Hi Freddy, I guess we both learned a lot from our older relatives:)
      I like your “fusion cuisine”, it may make it easier to have my kids buy into eating leftovers.

  3. I just eat the brown bananas, haha, I’m not very good at using frozen bananas! Pita chips are great, I get Baba Ganoush (I hope I spelled that correctly) and then bake the pita bread with olive oil and garlic. It satisfies my savoury tooth!

    1. I think you did! I like spinach tip and red pepper hummus:) But I will eat the chips right out of the oven with no dip too!
      I never use to freeze bananas but I do just for the banana bread now.

  4. I’ll definitely freeze fruit if I can’t eat it fast enough – frozen fruit is always great in smoothies! Frozen bananas are even better than non-frozen bananas in smoothies. Leftover veggies are good in scrambled eggs, too. I like your frittata idea!

  5. Yes on the ripe bananas. We make banana bread most of the time the bananas are getting really ripe. We put them in the freezer for a few days until we have time to make banana bread. Sometimes we make ice cream out of the frozen bananas and its really yummy!!

  6. Hi Caroline, I eat leftovers, as I hate to see the food wasted. Growing up in that village, wasting food is a big no no. Lately I try to cook less, in this way it doesn’t take long to finish the leftovers. Great tips, thanks a lot for sharing.

    1. Hi Helen,
      I wish I could cook less, I have to admit I don’t particularly enjoy it. I love baking but not cooking.
      But with my three kids still at home, I usually cook dinner most nights.

  7. Great Tips! I do the stir fry thing all the time. I’m pretty sure I’m going to start getting eye rolls as much as I serve up stir fry at our house.

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