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Do You Keep A Travel Log?

The other day, one of my co-workers (not many left in our office!) was telling me about a travel journal he was working on from his last trip. He told me that every time he and his wife return from traveling, he promptly starts writing a journal detailing all the places they visited. Then once he is done, his wife adds all his notes to their best travel photos and makes an album online. It sounds pretty cool but also very time consuming. I don’t think I would have the patience to do it! I did do it once after we came back from our Colorado trip. It was fun and it looked great. At the time I said I would do one every time we came back from a trip! That was over 2 years ago and I haven’t done one since.

My Travel Log To Date

The only travel journal I have so far, is whatever I documented on this blog! So basically two trips last year! It has been nice to be able to go back to look at each post. As I get older, I will probably forget a lot about my trips (I already do!)

A few months back, I was reading a post from Othalafehu and it included a  link to his travel log. I had to check it out. It’s fun to find out where people have traveled to or where they want to go. (Mr. Tako is really going to think I am a stalker now!).

I love traveling and it is something I intend to do a lot more in the coming years, whether I keep working or not.  It should be much easier (=cheaper) to travel since I no longer HAVE TO bring my kids along, now that they are older. 

Travel With The Kids

When my kids were growing up, we didn’t stop traveling but we kept our travel to two destinations: France & Martinique. The goal was for them to get to know my family and explore the areas where I grew up. Each time, we made sure to add new sites to explore. We tried our best to do one trip every two years on average. Not always easy financially when you have three kids!

The last time we went back to France in 2017, beside spending time with my family, we went back to Versailles (the kids forgot they ever went when they were younger), spent a day in Paris (I drove!) and a day in Rouen. Last year, we skipped France and I took them to Mexico!

Traveling with kids! Source: Giphy.com

Where Did I Travel To?

I started writing my own travel log and wow! Did I ever forget a lot! I put down as much as I could remember, I didn’t even try to remember the years (I am too old for that), except the last two years maybe!

For my own benefit, I also wrote down a preliminary travel wish list. Maybe it will help me meet one of my goals (on my monthly report) to plan a two weeks vacation every 6 months, by having the list handy!

I was lucky, I got to visit many cities in Canada and the USA while on business, otherwise I am not sure I would have seen most of North America!

My Travel Log

ArgentinaBuenos AiresThis was an interesting trip -Full story for another post, one day maybe!
AustraliaMelbourneBusiness trip and took full advantage of my free week-ends. Check out my post. Visiting Melbourne!
CanadaBanff, Calgary, Cape Breton, Edmonton, Halifax, Moncton Montreal, Niagara Falls, Quebec City, Regina, Toronto, Vancouver, Victoria, Winnipeg
CubaMy only all-inclusive resort experience - 3 days!
FranceParis. Normandy, Brittany, Poitou-Charentes, Provence, Alsace, Rhone-Alpes, Burgundy, Franche-Comte.
Greece1. Hydra
2. Athens, Petra
One of the trips was with my brother, in our late teens, and we did more partying than sight seeing I guess I will just have to go back!

Grenada, St. Vincent, Mustique, Union, BequiaBest summer job! I worked on a 19 meters sail boat as a hostess & cook! Lots of work but awesome experience.
IndonesiaJakarta, Bali
Went twice in my early 20’s with a friend whose parents worked at the embassy. We visited lots while there but I honestly don’t remember many names. We even spent a few days in a small island were we saw Komodore dragons fighting on the beach! Impressive. Oh and I got to hug an Ouranoutang. And got a little spooked in the Ubud sacred monkey jungle
IrelandLimerickA linguistic program where I stayed with an Irish family for a few weeks.
Mexico1. Tijuana
2. Playa Del Carmen
The second trip was this past summer and we visited quite a few places in the area. Check out my post Hola from Playa Del Carmen
NetherlandsAmsterdamIn my late teens, still a little (a lot) blurry I do remember walking thru the red light district and visiting Madurodam (Miniature Park) and driving by lots of tulip fields!
Tunisia DjerbaMy first international trip. I just remember camels and scorpions!
SpainBarcelona, Platja d’Aro
St. LuciaSailed from Martinique.
UKLondon A long weekend that turned into one week. My purse was stolen ("hooked" as they said!) on the first day with ALL my papers, passport included. Fun, fun!
USAAnnapolis, Aspen, Boston, Cambridge, Colorado Springs, Denver, Hawaii, New York City, Oakridge, Oklahoma City, Orlando, Portland, San Diego, San Francisco, Tampa, Washington DC

Travel Wish List

Not an exhaustive list!

Peru, Thailand, China, Morocco, India, Kenya, Vietnam, Belize, Portugal, Italy, Maldives Islands, Egypt, Easter islands, Costa Rica, Taiwan, and explore more sites in the US, Canada and France.

Two Travel Log Apps

I also tried two travel log Apps “Been” and “Countries Been”, it tells you how much of the world you’ve covered in %. 

“Countries Been” also lets you keep track of where you lived, where you want to go, and allows you to enter cities.”Been” is more basic.

It was fun to download and play with the Apps for a bit but I don’t think I will use either one going forward. 

Over To You

How about you, do you keep a travel log or journal?  Do you enjoy traveling? Why or why not? Any special places on your travel wish list? Or cool stories from any of your trips?

I knew of a few PF bloggers who have traveled extensively (and still do!) like  GYM and Ms ZiYou , they probably would need several tables to list all the countries they visited. I wonder if they have a travel log?

Do You Keep A Travel Log?

18 thoughts on “Do You Keep A Travel Log?

  1. Hi Caroline, you have visited quite a lot of countries. It’s a great idea to keep a travel log. I don’t travel much. During the last several years, I do write down my travel experience, using a simple paper notebook. Sometimes I even enjoy writing at the airport while waiting for the flights, when I’m not tired. It’s fun to look back what I wrote earlier. It’s part of the travel experience.

    1. Hello Ms Zi You, is your travel journal on your blog? I know you document your travels but don’t remember seeing a spreadsheet! Sounds very organized.

  2. As an introduction, we are full-time carry-on only travellers who generally move location every 4 – 6 days.

    We use OneNote to do our research with links to travel blogs, finances, places to see etc. One section er country, several pages per section.

    We use Google Maps to log our accommodation so we have saved flags all over the world.

    We use TripIT as our primary itinerary manager and share it with immediate family and close friends.

    And we document all our travels costs on our website blog for others to use as a reference point.

    All very detailed, but as reference points, all this information is used regularly.

  3. That’s cool about your coworker and their travel journal. It sounds like they should be bloggers lol. I like your point about documenting your trips on the blog so you can go back one day. I scatter photos from trips on my blog but never really document the actual trip. Maybe I should…

    You’ve been to a lot of places I would love to visit: Greece, Australia, Spain and St. Lucia to name a few. At this point I have been to Mexico, Costa Rica, the US and have traveled around Canada a bit. I’m a travel rookie to be honest so that’s probably why I don’t document my trips enough. I usually take a lot of photos though.

    Thanks for sharing, Caroline! Have a great weekend.🙂

  4. Lol, 40-something countries for me, but I have never been to Tunisia! How cool! I want to go to the places you went to! I also want to go to Greece!!!

    I know, I forget a lot of the experiences. I tend to write in my day planner about my trip now in bullet format. I have some friends who keep a travel diary. The last travel log I did was in India in 2005 and I kept a diary. This is a great idea Caroline! I may do this as a post idea, thank you in advance!

    Did you go to Mendoza in Argentina? That’s probably one of my fave travel memories EVER. Cycling through the wineries drunk haha. Ohhh my 20’s!

    1. That’s crazy 40 something countries, I can’t wait for that post!
      I didn’t go to Mendoza, I stayed in Buenos Aires. Like I said it was quite a story, maybe I will share one day! But it sounds like you quite enjoyed it!

  5. That is pretty extensive list of cities you traveled to. Even if most of them was for work that’s still pretty impressive. I traveled a lot in my 20s to mainly other US cities. I’ve always wanted to check out sites in other cities in the US and I’m glad that I did.
    I didn’t really keep a travel log back then but now thinking about it maybe I should have just to know what my thoughts were on the cities I visited.
    Since I started my blog, I’ve journaled the places we visited as a family and kept track on how much we spend. Now that is something I could look back on and see not only how much we spent but also how much fun we had.

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