Why Do YOU Blog? Top Reasons Why People Start A Blog

Do you remember why you started your blog? Do you still do it for the same reason(s) today? Find out SOME of the top reasons why people start a blog. What’s yours?

Why Did I Start A Blog?

Originally, I started blogging after reading a successful blogger’s monthly income report and thinking how easy it would be to make a lot of money with my own blog. She did it, why couldn’t I? A large percentage of her earnings was is from affiliate links for starting a blog. I was already interested in sharing my FI journey but the potential financial gain gave me additional motivation that day. How hard could it be? All I  had to do was write a post on “How To Start A Blog” and include several affiliate links, a very lucrative business!

Well who said blogging was easy? Within a few weeks (maybe even less) I gave up on trying to monetize my blog (at least for a while).  The first challenge was: You NEED people to read your blog! And after 10 months, I am still WORKING on it. You can check my blog report to find out how I am doing: Blog Report: The Walk Of Shame. So why do I blog?

Why Do I Blog?

I like sharing my experiences, good or bad, hoping others can learn from my mistakes or successes. I tried many things over the years and still have a lot more to share on this blog, like when I tried to flip a house, how I got my tenants from hell to move out, that time I bought a cottage or when buying a vacation property in the Caribbean seemed like the right thing to do! It didn’t all work out that great but glad I did it and happy to share the good, the bad and the ugly!

I truly enjoy getting comments/feedback from the readers (mostly other bloggers, but I will take what I can). With time, it’s also great to see blogging relationships evolve into deeper connections.

Blogging is also making me feel more accountable, I don’t know if I would have kept up with my Grocery Challenge if I didn’t report the monthly progress on my blog.

I love being able to go back to any of my posts to get my detailed financial updates at any given point. I was never that organized before! Now, it’s like having my personal diary on-line!

Self therapy? Think of the money some of us are saving, by venting expressing our thoughts via our blog instead of talking to a therapist! A true frugal PF blogger!

Top Reasons Why People Start A Blog


You realize the income potential (after reading some successful blogger’s income report) in having a blog and decide you can do it too. They warn you it may take a while to get there but as long as you are patient and consistent, you should be able to monetize your blog. In the meantime, if you could click on the affiliate link to start your blog, it would be much appreciated!

A large number of bloggers don’t make money a lot of money blogging (and over 90% quit within the first year) but there is the potential to generate some revenue (a lot of it if you are successful) from your blog with a lot of hard work and commitment. (it sounds like a job to me!). In case you are interested, find out How Much Do The Top Bloggers Earn?

I am guilty of that one, looking back, I thought “ Wow, she makes over $100,000/month blogging, I should be able to make a few thousands!”  Wrong! It has been over 10 months now and I don’t expect to make money blogging anytime soon.

Share Your Knowledge

Maybe you have a lot of expertise in certain areas, not just from life experiences but also from years of learning, and your blog is a way for you to share that knowledge.

Online Records/Journal

Your blog is your online journal or record keeping! Much easier to find it or remember things. I used to always misfile my spreadsheets or forget to write notes for future references. Now it’s all on my blog. I refer back to my spreadsheets regularly, so easy to find. And because it is part of a post, I add a lot of extra notes and explanation for my readers and it helps me in the long run too.

Network And Connect With Like-Minded People

Blogging is a great way to network without geographical boundaries.

You can be yourself through your blog and attract like-minded people from all over the world, people you would not otherwise get to know.

Express Your Thoughts and Opinions

You can use your blog to talk about anything you want! Personal Finance, parenting, lifestyle, politics, science. It is an open space to express your own thoughts and opinions. Your only challenge may be to get people to read it!

Self Promotion

People use blogs to promote services or products. Many businesses of all sizes, have blogs . It’s a place where they can promote their expertise or skills or write-up about specific areas to help legitimize their business and credibility.

To Help Others Or Self-Therapy.

With your blog, you may feel you can help others by sharing your life experiences, good or bad. Others may be going thru similar situations and benefit from your experience. They may find it difficult to talk to someone in person and your blog may help them realize they are not alone and give them the tools they need to deal with their issues (ie: Getting rid of debt).

Expressing your thoughts & sharing your life experiences may help you deal with some of your personal issues or dilemmas.

Satisfy Your Creative Side And Have Fun!

Starting a blog / maintaining a blog can be a lot of fun and allow you to be creative. You always have to come up with new topics, catchy titles, cool pictures and fancy text fonts (you try anyway). Even experimenting with various plugins can be fun, have you tried inserting surveys into your post? Frustrating or fun?

Love Of Writing

Some bloggers love to write! And many of them are good at it. Having their own blog allows them to satisfy their love of writing by publishing regular posts and provide them an opportunity to improve their skills over time.

My Blogging Journey

My blog is not even one yet and it has been an interesting journey so far. Whatever happens going forward,  I have NO regrets starting it.

And who knows, maybe I will try to earn money from it again one day. Right now, I am nowhere near ready, so I will keep blogging for fun and enjoy it.

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So, Why Do YOU Blog?

How about you? Why did you start a blog and/or why do YOU blog now? If you are not a blogger, have you considered starting a blog? (if you do, give me time to get that “How to Start A Blog” post ready please!)

Top reasons why people start a blog

17 thoughts on “Why Do YOU Blog? Top Reasons Why People Start A Blog

  1. Only for the fun of it! As one of the few that only started blogging after becoming FI and retiring slightly early I don’t need an income so I’m just doing it because I enjoy it and because I can meet and interact with a lot of exceptional people.

  2. i just wrote a little something about why i started a blog. i want to write something but started this one to learn what to do and what not to do. i don’t really love the self promotion part but i will find out more about e-commerce without the pressure to produce income and i have the time to do it. i was spending time reading all these anyhow so might as well learn some new skills, right? i learned about twitter not too long ago and SEO is up next. I want to know how to drive traffic to get some income from my artist wife’s talents. you ever try reddit? i just started and they seem pretty humorless and self-important on there so far.

  3. Hi Caroline, I liked to sell my book, and make money from my blog if possible. Like you said, it’s not an easy start. Writing and sharing stories is fun to me.

  4. Our blog is fairly new, less than 6 months. I would say the main purpose is to try to build a brand and some traffic, and then eventually figure out how to further monetize it based on our audience. For instance, most people that get to our site through Google are looking into purchasing real estate in Costa Rica, so that would be a monetization opportunity for us.

    My wife and I make a good pair, because she likes to write and hates the tech stuff, and I like the tech stuff but am not such a great writer. You certainly need both skills to keep a blog/website going.

    Another driver for me is that I’m also trying to side hustle helping people with their websites, so building a website of my own is good practice.

  5. I finally started my blog earlier this year after owning the domain for a long time. I used to enjoy writing a lot, but had a boss who was hypercritical and made me doubt myself. I started taking a class this spring at the local community center and my classmates’ positive feedback and encouragement made me brave enough to start… although I haven’t shared it IRL beyond my husband and a friend who figured out my Instagram page.

    It would be wonderful to make money someday, but I mostly write because I enjoy it and it keeps my brain active. I also recently came up with a list of goals that I’d like to achieve, and hope that putting them out there publicly (to my spouse and one other readers – ha!) will help keep me honest.

  6. I’m firmly in the wanting an outlet for creativity camp, with a mix-in of potential income and spreading knowledge. I had worked in finance for years before starting to blog and was learning a lot but most of the people I dealt with were retired or close to it. I wanted to be able to share what I was learning with people my own age.

    It’s been a journey for sure, and there’s definitely been times when I question what the heck I’m doing, but I still love it. I didn’t come in expecting community but that’s been a huge bonus, and one of the main reasons I’ve stuck with it.

  7. The joy of getting older and starting my blog almost of year ago is that I have forgotten why I started it. And that’s a good thing. All I know is it’s still going as of today. And tomorrow I won’t even remember today. Tom

  8. Love this, very thoughtful and thought provoking. I want to say when i started a blog i had no intention to do it for money… but thinking about it money was definitely an incentive. Even though after 3 months i am still yet to monetize my site (coming soon).

    I can say, i probably came for the wrong reasons but stayed for the community. Thanks for sharing! Cheers!

  9. Multiple reasons in my case:
    1) networking and communication with others. No one in my day to day enjoys talking about finances. It gives me an outlet
    2) for a while I had a w2 job that needed some digital marketing. The blog gave me a low volume sandbox at that time.
    3) leave info for my family should something happen.

  10. I wanted to share my experiences to others and wanted to be part of this great community. It is very supportive and respect all the financial backgrounds everyone has. Also for fun and try to get some money out of it.

  11. Loved this post, Caroline! I enjoyed your clever points about venting instead of talking to a therapist. I started blogging on RTC for the purpose of “creativity” which was really venting. Now I’m beginning to enjoy the challenges with blogging, the relationships with like-mind people, and to document. I also like the idea of defining my interests and have this need to keep moving forward with a project. Blogging satisfies this. And I agree with pretty much all of your points for blogging. They’re spot on. Keep enjoying blogging and thanks for sharing!

  12. I love that it’s something you completely own yourself, and allows you to express your own creativity – that is absolutely number 1 for me! Number 2 is having some useful knowledge I think I can share with others – if I didn’t I probably wouldn’t bother with having a website at all.

    If it happens to make some money one day, then that is simply some validation that people enjoy it or find it helpful! Time will tell…

    Cheers, Frankie

  13. I can’t believe you wrote this post without putting in a Bluehost affiliate link 😉

    Lol 🙂

    Sorry that you got suckered into the $100,000 a month income reports, but I’m glad you created a blog! I love reading your insights! The mega ultra bloggers make it seems so easy to make $10,000 a month.

    I also love the online journal aspect. I also search for things on my own blog because it helps me remember and it’s an easy place to access information that I have documented.

  14. I started blogging because I needed help to figure out how to retire early. And it really did. Blogging made me research more about finance and early retirement than I’d do on my own. I started tracking our spending and became a better investor. Blogging helped a lot. Oh, I also wanted to make a few hundred dollars per month to supplement our passive income. 🙂 Money is a good motivator.

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