Monthly Grocery Budget

Like most of you, a large part of my monthly budget goes towards food, a very large part! And if I ever want to reach financial freedom by 55, I need to get that number under control, so I decided to report my monthly grocery spending on this blog. By sharing the detail of my spending with all of you, I am hoping to get extra motivated (or shamed!).

Some background information:

  • Family of 5 (all considered adults since my minions are older), two cats & a dog.
  • Groceries are for all meals except for one dinner.
  • We have 10 to 14 people over for dinner on Sundays (yes MOST Sundays!).
  • We usually go to Costco for most of our weekly groceries and an extra stop at our local grocery store/market for what we couldn’t get there. Every few weeks we load up at Walmart (pasta, gluten free stuff and other items we don’t get at Costco).
  • One of my minions is Celiac so we buy gluten free products. Most of our meals are made from scratch with fresh meat and veggies so they are already gluten free but we still need flour, gluten free bread, some snacks.

Our Original Spending (Drum Roll)

Our average grocery bill, as of September 2017, was around $280….a WEEK or 1,200/month!!!

The goal, which evolved over months, is to spend $200 per week on an on-going basis.

Grocery Categories

I am keeping track of our grocery spending by category and report our progress on a monthly basis. Here are the categories I have come up with:

·         Meat/Fish (also includes lunch meat)
·         Produce (Fruits & vegetables)
·         Beverages (coffee, tea, juice…)
·         Bread/Bakery (Bagels, pita bread, baguette, muffins)
·         Canned/Jarred Good (Spaghetti sauce, canned corn…)
·         Dairy, cheese & eggs (butter, milk, cream, tofu…)
·         Dry/Baking goods (pasta, rice, flour, sugar, spices…)
·         Frozen Foods (Peas, pizza, frozen meals…)
·         Snacks & crackers (Cereal bars, chocolate, candies, chips…)
·         Breakfast food (Cereal, peanut butter, jam…)
·         Oils, Sauces, Salad Dressing & Condiments (ketchup, mustard, pickles, soya sauce…)
·         Household goods (all-purpose cleaner, laundry detergent, paper towels, toilet paper, foil, sandwich bags, recycle kitchen bags…)

·        Personal Care items (toothpaste, shampoo…)
·         Pet items (Dog & cat food, treats, cat litter)

Monthly Grocery Budget Reports