All Of Money Scrap

This is an extra post (or bonus post!) for the week to let you know about a new page I created on Money Scrap. Sometimes you may be looking for a specific post (on your favorite blog, hint hint) but can’t find it without going thru pages and pages of posts. Other times, you may… Read More All Of Money Scrap


My Blog Is All Grown Up! It Has Its Own Blogroll!

Finally! I have been thinking about putting this blogroll together for a while but never made the time before. Well here it is. My blog is all grown up! It has its own blogroll! What Kind Of Blogs Do I Like I like when the posts are: From financially literate bloggers! Not too long. My… Read More My Blog Is All Grown Up! It Has Its Own Blogroll!


Personal Finance Bloggers Wanted!

Many personal finance bloggers don’t consider blogging to be a job, mostly because they enjoy blogging so much (that’s what they say). But considering the amount of work that goes into blogging, I think it is fair to say, it could be considered a job for some! (Check out Who Said Blogging Was Easy?) In… Read More Personal Finance Bloggers Wanted!


Can Bloggers Take A Vacation From Blogging?

What would you do if you saw this on a blog: “I will be away from my blog for the next two weeks, if you need immediate attention… wait until I get back please.” Can (and should) bloggers take a vacation from blogging? In a very short period of time, I have become a blog addict.… Read More Can Bloggers Take A Vacation From Blogging?


Are You A Blog Addict ?

On Saturday mornings I used to enjoy a cup of coffee while having a nice “catch up” chat with my kids or partner. Life is usually very busy during the week so the week-end is the ideal time to catch up on everything. But now, as soon as I wake up, all I want to… Read More Are You A Blog Addict ?

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Who Said Blogging Was Easy?

Are you thinking of starting your own blog?  From what you have been reading, it doesn’t look very hard, does it? You just have to follow any “how to start a blog” post and in less than 30 minutes you will be all set.  All is left to do is come up with a good… Read More Who Said Blogging Was Easy?


Blogging Do’s And Don’ts – Day 14

Blogging Do’s and Don’ts – Day 14. Wow! Already 14 days since I started my own blog. Wow, what a journey so far! Honestly, I read it would be easy to start a blog and while that was somewhat true for the signing up part, after that, it hasn’t been quite as easy and it… Read More Blogging Do’s And Don’ts – Day 14


Blogging Do’s And Don’ts – Day 3

I really wanted to post my first “Money Basics” post so didn’t spend as much time on the set up yesterday, but still managed to spend a few hours on it! Time flies when you are having fun. There is so much to learn but it is very time-consuming. Here is my blogging do’s and… Read More Blogging Do’s And Don’ts – Day 3


How Not To Start A Blog!

How Not To Start a Blog! (Post updated on February 1, 2018)  Know What To Expect! Time Consuming It took me 2 hours to try to get back in my “admin” site so I could try to make it look nicer:( By the time I finally figured it out and tried to add an image, that… Read More How Not To Start A Blog!


Hello World Of Bloggers!

(Updated Feb. 01, 2018) Hello world of bloggers! This is it! Finally in!!  I just had to write a few lines because I am so excited I was even able to get that far:) I am “new technology” challenged and … Wow! what an experience so far! I finally set up my web hosting and… Read More Hello World Of Bloggers!