Best Blogging Tips From The Blogosphere

Interested in starting your own blog or just looking for additional blogging tips? Not sure what to expect? Well it is not as easy as you may think and it is very time-consuming, but it can be a lot of fun! Here are some of the best blogging tips from the blogosphere.

I also created a page as an ongoing resource for bloggers and will update it as I discover new helpful post(s). Feel free to promote your own if you think it may add value to this post.

First Check Out The Job Requirements

And see if you have what it takes to be a PF blogger

Best Blogging Tips From The Blogosphere:

My Other Blogging Posts:

So readers, what do you think ? Did any of the above tips help you?  Any additional link(s) you may want to share with valuable blogging tips?

22 thoughts on “Best Blogging Tips From The Blogosphere

  1. Haha a lot of resources here! One of the biggest one I’m learning is that everyone moves at their own pace, in their own lane, with their own style. And it better be something you enjoy doing or else it’s sooooo soooo not worth it.

  2. Caroline, you got a nice list. The best one is your “Personal Finance Bloggers Wanted!”. I’m going to read it again. It’s so hilarious.

  3. Thanks for sharing these links, these are great resources to learn from about blogging. Definitely going to read some of them.

  4. Thanks Caroline! I’ve read through a few of these already but haven’t seen the Mustard Seed Money one.

    I always wondered, when the Rockstar Finance ‘shares’ a blog post do people SUBMIT their blog post to them first to review and then they will share or does Rockstar just go around the blogosphere and select a blog post they like?

    1. They select them from the daily feed but they also have the new program where you can pay a monthly fee to get “preferential treatment”. I can send you the link to the program if you missed it. I am on a “no spend on blogging” the first year so I didn’t participate.

  5. Good list! And a good reminder that even the most seasoned bloggers need to keep learning and staying with trends to build on their success. My main learning this past year was to get the F off of BlueHost. Haven’t been happier.

    1. I read a lot of complaints about BlueHost, what was your issue? I am with Hostpapa (I know what a name!) and I have been having a few connections issues but otherwise it seems ok.

  6. Nice list with lots of content! Thanks for putting it together. Like getting out of debt there are lots of resources out there generally saying the same thing. There will be differences of course. The big thing is to find the voice that you can relate to but also be willing to step out and try new ideas when things get stale. Also, sometimes you also just have to block out the chatter and do what works for you. There are multiple ways to get the same results.

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