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Would You Travel To Australia For Business?

Knowing when to grab an opportunity… Would You Travel To Australia For Business?

Hmmm let me think! When do I leave?

I was never involved with other international subsidiaries work in our company before, I tried for many years but it just never worked out. So when I received an email a month ago from my boss: “Would you be interested to travel to Australia for business?” I replied YES right away! Thinking back, I probably should have asked some questions first, but I am not getting any younger and that was an opportunity of a lifetime (for me!). I did miss my son’s birthday and Mother’s Day but sometimes you have to make choices! There is always next year:)

After a brief call and very high level information, I confirmed I was willing to go. Within a week, management had approved the trip and a week later I was flying to Melbourne, Australia!


I had to brush up on a lot of our systems and processes because, after a while in the same job, you do become complacent. I put in a lot of extra hours pre-trip to catch up but also to learn about our Australian business and start building a plan to help the local team once there.

Something had to give, so unfortunately, I had to drop blogging and social media! It was just not manageable. Both are very time-consuming and very addictive. I went cold turkey! The first week was really hard. You keep reading on how you should stick to a posting schedule if you want to become successful and I wasn’t! I also felt really guilty towards my favorite bloggers, I stopped reading & commenting. I apologize to all of you and I hope you will forgive me. (Come one, you have to forgive me, it was a great opportunity!)


I flew first class as per company policy and it was AWESOME! Here is a pic of my pod!It took 32 hours door to door but it was well worth it. I don’t think I would ever spend that kind of money for a personal trip (meaning the first class part) but glad I got to do it once.



So that’s where I have been! In Melbourne for 2 weeks, just came back a few days ago and still dealing with the 14 hour time difference!!! No there is nothing wrong with a little nap at my desk. haha

I really enjoyed the little I saw of Melbourne. It was the beginning of winter there so not that warm but still nice. During the week, I worked very long days, up to 14 hours/day but I also got three days to tour around and I did! It was GREAT! I got to pet a koala which was one of my dream as a little girl!  (I know, a very looong time ago)

Next post I will share with you the sights I managed to visit and add a few pics. (By the way if any of you know how to reduce the size of pictures to upload, please share)

What I learn from this trip:

  • I still love my job! Working on this project was a great way for me to realize how much I l still love what I do. Back in Canada, our business has been winding down and it is sometimes hard to stay motivated but given the right opportunity, I still love it.
  • Don’t hesitate to jump on an opportunity when you get one, and don’t waste too much time analyzing every single angle, take a chance. Sometimes, it is only available for a very short time. If I didn’t say yes right away, I probably wouldn’t have gone. Just the way big corporations work sometimes. It helps when you know what you want.
  • By stepping back from blogging for a month I realized a few things:
    • It is still a hobby for me and sometimes it will take a back seat, no matter how hard it is. I think the toughest part was feeling like I was letting other bloggers down.
    • It shouldn’t feel like a job. The first week, missing my entire week posts schedule was actually stressful. Probably because I worked so hard in the last 7 months to build my blog. But I came to the conclusion that if the schedule was so critical then it was becoming like a job and it was never the intent when I started. Going forward, I may not keep my posting schedule as consistent because I want to enjoy blogging and having a strict schedule is not. (for me that is, we are all different). 
    • Taking a break from blogging & social media once in a while is good and we should all do it. It gives you a new perspective on things.

Wrapping up:

My business trip to Australia was AWESOME! The work was great and challenging and I took full advantage of my free time.  More to come soon:)

In the meantime, I would like to know, what would you have done if you received a similar email from your boss? What would be your first reaction?

Would You Travel To Australia For Business?

22 thoughts on “Would You Travel To Australia For Business?

  1. Welcome back I missed you! I thought you were done too and was sad. Glad it was just a break. Yes I have had some thoughts recently too of myself getting stressed out about my blog- and realizing that I’m getting worked up over something silly. First class flight to Australia that’s amazing!!! Did you visit see a kangaroo or pet a koala? I would totally take the opportunity- what a great opportunity. How did your kids do without their mama?

    1. Hi Gym, I did miss a few of you too:) If I ever give up blogging, I will leave a message on my blog so not to feel like I let down my favorite blog pals.
      I saw kangaroos, wallabis and koalas (I even pet one:), it was so awesome!
      Kids were glad to have me back after two weeks! They are older now but I realized how much I still baby them. Going away once in a while is probably not a bad thing:)

  2. Great to have you back to the blogging world Caroline!! I would have done the same and enjoy the luxury of going on a first class flight to Australia at the expense of the company.
    Yes, post content whenever you feel like it. You should feel compelled to have fun with your blog and not treat it like a job or else it will feel less fun and maybe miserable.

    1. Thanks Kris, glad to be back:) The first class flight was a big highlight for me. I only flew first class once before to go to Europe. My dad was very ill and the airline had to get me there quickly (my flight had been cancelled due to poor weather), so not the best condition then.
      I agree 100% with your assessment on blogging. Problem is that I get all caught up in it once I start, I will just have to be careful.

  3. Welcome back, Caroline. Glad to hear you had a great time in Melbourne. That’s a place I like to visit some day.

    About your question “what would you have done if you received a similar email from your boss?”, I would definitely do the same as you did: just accept it, and go.

    1. Hi Helen, if you ever go, try to pick the summer time. It is the beginning of winter right now and with the Ocean breeze, it was a little cold (not the same cold as what we have in Canada).
      Otherwise, I can’t wait to go back. Loved everything about it!

    1. Thanks Angela:) It did start to feel like a job, it’s the schedule that kills me! I hate schedules!!! And I am really glad I said yes too:)

  4. I’d probably do the same. Although missing my daughter’s birthday would probably be a no no for me. Especially since she’s so young at the moment. If she’s older maybe…

    To resize you can also use your basic paint. Just open the picture and edit it. Resize to 25% for example and save as jpg or png. Good luck!

    1. He turned 17 so a little easier but I felt really guilty because I am his only parent! But he was really good about it:) I had a few things hidden for him so he did get a special birthday.
      Thanks for the tip for the pics. I think it is starting to slow my blog down. And thanks for dropping by.

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