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July 2018 – Income, Expenses And Goals

Finally my report for July! I have been a little preoccupied this past week. “They” finally gave me my termination letter. I was really upset when I received it last Friday at 4 pm! It’s not the offer they verbally gave me, back in April, but no surprise there. Always ask for confirmation in writing. Honestly, it has been a rough few days, and not just because the offer is not what I expected, but also because it feels so real now. I know you would think that after waiting for so many months, I should be ready! But I wasn’t.  Whether I decide to “retire” or look for another job, my life is going to change drastically soon and it is scary! Probably for the best, but I don’t think that way right now. I am thankful I am FI so at least I don’t have to worry as much about money (but I still do!).  Anyway, let’s look at my July 2018 – Income, Expenses And Goals for now.

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July Highlights

July was great. Some of the highlights:

Jungle Buggy Tour
Yup this is me. Not robbing a bank! On a Jungle Buggy Tour!
  • Went on vacation with the kids, to Playa Del Carmen, for 10 days and had a blast.
  • Dividend/Interest Income was the highest ever.
  • No major issue or expense on the rental front, only a few discussions with the Condo corp.
  • Additional FI income from two extra sources
  • Expenses were high but totally worth it since it was for travel with my kids. Got to spend your money sometimes.


Monthly FI (Financial Independence) income:

 Dividend & Interest Income: $1,576

154% increase over last July! My highest dividend payout month so far! Paying a lot more attention and purchasing dividend stocks on a regular basis really has made a big difference in the last year.

Rental Income:

Rental income from my three rental units, all condos. You can read more info on my units here.

  • # 1 Condo –  Nothing to report
  • # 2 Condo – Nothing to report
  • # 3 Condo – Received an email and a letter from the Condo Corporation to let me know there was too much noise coming from my unit and too many people at any given time! It happens regularly. My tenants have three young kids and are VERY social. They always have company at their house.  I talked to my tenants about keeping the noise down as much as possible, since it is a townhouse and the walls are thin. Also, I reminded the property manager that there was no rules against my tenant being social. Basically I feel the neighbor should call the by-law if there is too much noise after a certain hour. I am not getting into a neighbors’s dispute.

I estimate the time spent on rentals this month to be around 1.5 hours overall (phone and email).

My rate this month: $1,193/hour!

Dealing with neighbors’ disputes is not my favorite job, but for $1,193/hr, I can suck it up for now!

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Side Hustle/Other Income:

  • I did it! I made $350 with Tangerine! Just like I planned to in my post: Earn At Least $50 Doing Almost Nothing!. It’s free money and it took hardly any time! I even set up a direct deposit and automatic transfer to get additional $ in a few months. They extended their offer to October 31st if you are interested.
  • Redeemed points on my Mastercard, before cancelling it, and received $225 in gift cards. It’s just like cash!

EXPENSES – $5,760!  

See where it all started and why I keep track of my expenses at Monthly Money Reports

Tip: Update your spreadsheets regularly otherwise it takes forever!

You can refer to the December post for details on expenses not covered in a specific monthly report.

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I added a Restaurant/take out category. It may be helpful to have the additional breakdown when I review my expenses. And finally fixed the previous car expenses breakdown for CAA and licence. Cars cost a fortune!

  • Donations:  I got sidetracked again and forgot to make my donation but will catch up in August.
  • Gas : We were gone for over 10 days so didn’t use the car as much.
  • Bus pass: Bought a few tickets instead of a bus pass this month. My son wasn’t planning to bus much and we were gone for part of the month
  • Kids: My oldest daughter turned 22 (I am done with birthdays for the rest of the year!) I gave her cash and bought a few party things at the Dollar store. Also had to order books & supplies for my son for back to school. Deadline was early July!

    Baked Brie
    Baked brie, oh so yummy. (this one is for you Lily…foodporn!)
  • Travel: A little fortune was spent while we were on vacation! We saved a lot by eating at the apartment for many meals but we went all out on activities, and it’s not cheap for a family four. We had a blast! This could be one of our last trip the four of us so I wanted it to be special. You can read about part of our trip Hola From Playa Del Carmen More to come! The travel expenses include restaurants and groceries while travelling.
  • Restaurant: We ordered Lebanese take-out one night and I took one of my friends out for lunch. The last time we went out, I forgot my wallet!
  • OtherI bought some clothes for the trip but I really didn’t need any:( Walked by La Senza (the lingerie store) and they had a great sale on! What can I say? Don’t walk thru the mall! Also purchased sun lotions and bug sprays to bring on the trip.

Summary – FI ratio is 42% YTD including kids expenses and travel with kids. And without it I am at 71% FI ratio.



  • Reduce Grocery bill by 30% or $200/week. We nailed this one, check out my last report: *Mission Accomplished* June 2018 Grocery Budget. We did even better in July!
  •  Increase my dividend to $12,000. On target with $7,786 to date in dividend (or 65% of my goal).


  • Still blogging!
  • No increase in traffic but took several social media breaks so far this summer. Check out my last blogging report: Blog Report: The Walk Of Shame. I have given up on Facebook and don’t have the energy to pin much on Pinterest. I am not sure where to go from here without spending a lot more time! My level of motivation is like a yo-yo lately. Days with very little traffic can be such a downer. How do you stay motivated?
  • Twitter followers are increasing slowly but steadily.

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  • Cut back on Sweets: No comments!
  • My average daily steps were 12,580 in July! We walked a LOT when we were in Mexico.

Other Goals

  • Took 2 weeks off to travel to Mexico with my kids. Now I have to plan the next trip!
  • I didn’t volunteer this month, unless you count the time we brought food to people in need on the other side of Playa Del Carmen.

That’s it for this month. How about you? How was July? Did you go anywhere fun?

A special THANK YOU to any of my awesome blogger friends who may have featured one of my posts in July. I can’t remember if any did (so get to it). For some reason my history got wiped so I don’t have any records!

Income Expenses and Goals July 2018

21 thoughts on “July 2018 – Income, Expenses And Goals

  1. so…you’re free soon? i only wish it was your choice. we have had a bunch or “career transitions” here at my large company site. the voluntary ones for union workers were voluntary and 50 people volunteered to separate. the salary ones were more nasty as some of the people, even over 60 years old, wanted to leave when ready. a bunch more were essentially fired but not for cause. you think you’re gonna take some time off and relax? best of luck.

    1. Hi, not sure yet when I am going to be free, currently negotiating with my employer. Lots of legal back and forth, I cross my fingers it will work out for me. And yes I will probably take some time off to think about what I want to do next, and relax a bit:)

  2. Sorry to hear that your termination became official Caroline. Hopefully you will get back on your feet on whatever you do, whether you find another job or decide to retire.
    Great to hear about your dividend income last month, it really got a big boost. I should prioritize dividend stocks higher on my portfolio since I’m going to do some rebalancing this month.

    1. Hi Kris, you should definitely invest in dividend stock. I still have growth stocks and a target fund at work (retirement) for diversification but I am very happy with my returns from the dividends. It has paid off to pay attention:)

  3. Hi Caroline, getting the termination letter is tough to digest. The mismatch with the verbal offer is even worse. I hope it works out for you somehow. Also hope this could turn out to be a great opportunity for you in the long run.

    The picture with your covered face is hilarious, so cool. Yeah, I used to work in a bank branch, and bank robbery is something we always worried about. Haha. Great dividend income. Have a great August!

    1. Hi Helen,
      My brother used to work in a bank and got robbed several times, it was never a good emotional experience for him.
      I am working thru the discrepancies with the lawyers but it has been draining and haven’t had time for my blogging friends:)

    1. OMG Lily, you need to eat Lebanese food, it is so good!
      Shawarma is like a Gyro I guess but tastier, then there is fattoush salad, falafel, tabbouleh…I should write a post about it!:) With lots of pics for you:)

  4. Awe man sorry to hear you got your termination letter!! I was thinking it wasn’t going to happen.

    What a downer but it’s so good that you got $1500 in dividend income, the HIGHEST yet. That’s amazing. Keep up the good work.

    You have F-U money now.

    Haha I love your selfie, you look like a cool mom. That baked brie also looks delicious. I love brie!!!

  5. It’s understandable that the letter caught you off guard. I’m sure it will all work out for the best. I’m interested to hear about your journey from this point. Congrats on receiving your highest passive income month ever. Sounds like a busy month. You’re almost at 1 year of blogging. I still can’t believe it hasn’t been longer. Good luck with your goals, Caroline!

    1. Hi Graham,
      Wow, I feel bad, here I am supposed to document my journey and I didn’t blog since this post! I have been very preoccupied (that is my excuse and I will stick to it:)
      I will definitely share my journey. Thanks for the encouragements:)

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