My Blog Is All Grown Up! It Has Its Own Blogroll!

Finally! I have been thinking about putting this blogroll together for a while but never made the time before. Well here it is. My blog is all grown up! It has its own blogroll!

What Kind Of Blogs Do I Like

I like when the posts are:

  • From financially literate bloggers!
  • Not too long. My attention spent is too short for very lengthy post – unless they are REALLY good,
  • Motivating & engaging. Make me want to do better or try something new.
  • Informative – Learn something or be able to bring value to it,
  • Don’t have too many affiliate links or pop-ups (It drives me crazy otherwise),
  • Not selling products/services I wouldn’t endorsed myself,
  • From bloggers who seem to live a well-balanced and happy life, whether they are FI or working towards FI (RE is not as important to me, I am more of a FIRO kind of girl – Financial Independence Retirement Optional). I like bloggers who plan for the future but know how to enjoy the present!
  • About lots of different personal finance topics; rental properties, passive income, travel hacking, frugality, random stuff.
  • A little humorous once in a while!

For an up-to-date version of this blogroll, click HERE.

My Top Blogs

I don’t want to call them favorites because I really like a lot of the blogs I listed, sometimes just as much and all for different reasons. But if I had to pick my top blogs, today, they would have to be (in alphabetical order):

My Other Top Blogs

And, like I said, I still really like all the ones below too! My only disclaimer: I don’t always read everything they publish. But whatever I read, I usually like! 

For a list of Personal Finance blogs written by women, check out:

For a list of ALL active personal finance blogs (over 1,400), check out Rockstar Finance Directory:

Or you can check Modest Money Top Finance Blog:

A special Thanks to Lily (The Frugal Gene), GenY (Genymoney), Kat (CashflowKat), Tom (Dividends Diversify), Steve (Pursuing Retirement), Helen (Retire Early Helen), and Amy (Life Zemplified) who provided me with the right amount of support to keep me going so far.

To All PF Bloggers: Don’t forget to support new bloggers! Comment, share, pin, tweet…

Are You A New PF Blogger?

If you have a new personal finance blog you would like us/me to check out, go ahead and add it in the comment section below. Then go straight to the Rockstar Finance Directory and Modest Money and get your blog added! Are you still here? What are you waiting for?

Did I Miss Your Blog?

Did I miss your blog? Do I visit your blog? You would know as I either leave a comment or share the post or both! If I do and I didn’t include your blog, please send me an email at Or maybe I don’t know about your blog and should? Send me an email or add it in the comments below with your blog’s URL and I will make sure to check it out.

Blog Summary Please

Also, I would like to add a brief summary about each blogger, so if your blog is listed above, I would appreciate if you could send me 2-3 short sentences (MAX) to best describe your blog, or just add it in the comments below. If you don’t I will come up with my own version:) At your own risk!

Blogroll Updates

The plan is to try to update the list monthly.  I may remove blogs from the list for the following reasons:

  • Inactive (no post in over a month),
  • Too many affiliate links. I understand the need ($) to put some links but some posts are becoming ridiculous!
  • Blatantly promoting products/services for the sole purpose of income with no regards to readers’ needs.
  • Not relevant anymore (not enough personal finance content).

Hope you enjoy! Thanks again for your support:)

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44 thoughts on “My Blog Is All Grown Up! It Has Its Own Blogroll!

  1. Thanks for including Dividends Diversify Caroline. I’m also glad I have inspired you to keep going. It is tough and I can relate. I spend so much time networking and promoting my blog it is crazy. I’m still in it for at least a year and at that 1 year point I will reevaluate based on where it has taken me. I think we are similar on approach?

    Anyway, I’m feeling bad about using FIRO and not linking back to your post where you introduced me to the concept/acronym. It was mostly just thoughtless and rushed on my part. I have a bad habit of getting that way when I’m just trying to get stuff done. Corporate habits die hard sometimes. The post was sitting in my drafts and I just through it in last minute without thinking much about where it came from when I was proof reading it.

    So, I’m really sorry. I will make sure I return the favor in some way.

    I like your blogroll. It is kind of how I set mine up with a favorite 5


    1. Hey Tom, yes we are on the same page:) And it is a lot more time consuming than I expected. I never even used Twitter before!:)
      No worries about FIRO, that is how things work in the blogosphere, but would love the credit next time you mention it:)

  2. Thank you Caroline, for including me and for being my Twitter go-to, direct message mama!! And yes, your blog is all grown up (definitely not stuck in a flaccid, larval state like mine! hahaha). But seriously though, I wouldn’t still be around the blogosphere either without a few bloggers like you who share their life experience is a meaningful and relatable way. Makes all the craziness worth it (and you KNOW I can get a little crazy!) 🙂

  3. Hi Caroline!

    Thanks for including me on this list! And yay your blog is all grown up now! 😊

    Mine is still immature lol!!!

  4. Haha flaccid larval! Your blog is a beautiful butterfly now!

    Thank you for the blog roll and thank you for he mention! I enjoy reading your blog too!! I like that you set out boundaries for your blog roll- you must have really healthy relationships in person!! (Lots of counseling has taught me that boundaries are healthy). Your blog is all grown up and you are all grown up.

    Keep up the great work.

  5. As a newbie blogger, I love long lists like these; I love to see the diversity and variety of blogs and posts they cover, all while coming under the same topic of personal finance.

  6. Oh wow, thanks for including me! Don’t know why Google Alert did not notify me 🙂 I need to do my blogroll soon.

  7. Thanks so much for including us on your list! That is a powerful top 5 and I would not disagree with these top performers there! And all the people that have encouraged you to keep this blog rolling — that is a special group of people and they are amazing!!

  8. Hi Caroline,
    Thanks for including me on your blogroll list ! I have a few new blogs to check out this weekend.

  9. is a new blog I’d love you to check out. FIINTROVERT will skew towards introverts but is applicable to anyone that wants to enjoy the journey to financial independence. My goal is to help 1,000 introverts change their lives by linking performance in their career with earlier FI and earlier FI with the ultimate time and freedom to enjoy their inner worlds and develop rich external relationships. Time is needed for both and FI gets you there. But let’s enjoy it and maximize it along the way by being strategic.

  10. Hi,

    I really like your site and your posts.

    While scrolling through your blogroll to see if there were any new sites, I discovered that my site isn’t listed. ;-(
    I’ll appreciate being added to your blog roll.
    If you have visite my blog yet, I like to invite you to go to:

    Together we can help spread financial wisdom to everybody.
    And of course; every back link helps!

    Keep those divi’s rolling in!



  11. Hey if you could add me that would be great

    A little bio

    34yr old paid off 60k debt and now focusing on increasing our passive income streams.

    Thanks again!

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