Blog Report : The Walk Of Shame!

It is easy to write and publish a post when you are successful in you endeavors:

But how about when you don’t? Let’s say, blogging? Oh NO, not blogging!  I Most of us don’t like to admit publicly when we are not doing well or not as well as others. And it looks like, based on other bloggers’ stats, my blog is suffering from a lack of viewership love. Yes I know, I shouldn’t compare my numbers to others! Bla, bla, bla… Sometimes, you just do! But I am also not ready to call it a failure, I am still blogging and that, in itself, is a win! Remember, 90% of bloggers quit in their first year. But, enough said, time for me to share my numbers. I am warning you, it’s not pretty.

To ALL Bloggers, Who:

  • Post regularly and keep a schedule,
  • Read other PF bloggers’ posts diligently,
  • Consistently write comment(s),
  • Are very active with ALL MOST social media,
  • Understand Google analytics and SEO.
  • And do everything else you are supposed to do to become a successful blogger.


What Am I Doing Wrong?

I lack in many areas mentioned above, not because I don’t know what to do, it’s all here. But mainly because I don’t have enough time! Or I choose not to make the time. And also maybe for the following reasons:

  • I hate schedules! And you know how critical it is to stick to a schedule when you blog.
  • My no-spend first year blog challenge (Detailed post to follow) It’s tough! Everything that seems to work great for other bloggers, requires for you to sign up and pay a small fee.
  • I take lots of breaks from social media!  And let’s face it, how can you promote your blog if you are not on Social Media.
  • And sometimes little breaks from blogging. This one is a big no-no.
  • I don’t have a specific niche.
  • Poor writing skills (English is my second language after all)

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter why, the fact is: my numbers suck!

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Blog Report : The Walk Of Shame

So now, for the moment you have all been waiting for, my blog report (after 9 months, not a pretty baby!):

Blog Stats Money Scrap

 You can check out your own ranking at

My Top Five Posts:

Well it wasn’t so bad, I am still breathing! Honestly, not my proudest moment but I had to share, maybe it will help some of you feel better about your own progress!  Just remember, the fact that you are still blogging is already an achievement! As far as traffic, you know what they say:

“If you build it, they will come!”

So I will keep working at it and try to improve over time, it is a slow process but I will get there!

“Rome wasn’t built in a day, but they were laying bricks every hour”

How about you, is your blog where you expected it to be? What is working or not working for you? Ready to share some numbers? Any constructive criticism for me? (Be nice!)

To ALL of you who read, share, support my blog and my journey to Financial Freedom and Happiness:


Blog Report Money Scrap Thank you


46 thoughts on “Blog Report : The Walk Of Shame!

  1. Thanks for the transparency – with kids and a full time job, blogging can be just for fun, no need to make it commercial and for profit.

    You are doing great, keep it up!

  2. You’re doing a great job! I’ve fallen into a blog funk while focusing more on other endeavors. It’s hard! Automate where you can. 🙂 I stopped posting daily on social media. I use Zapier and IFTTT to send my blog posts automatically to social media. That counts as a post and reminds social followers to read. 😉

    1. Hi Mrs Picky Pincher, thanks for the kind words:) I will look into Zapier and IFTTT, is it sad I don’t know what they are??? Hopefully it’s free.

    1. I don’t do much on social media on the weekend either, too much going on:) It’s part of trying to keep a balance life. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Hello Caroline, I read several books about blogging before I started. One, “How to Blog for Profit” by Ruth Soukup really emphasized the long view. Of course there are exceptions, but the book left me thinking it would take 3 years to build meaningful traffic. I think wanna be and newbie bloggers, including myself, believe that somehow we/I will be different. When in reality, only a few are truly different. Tom

    1. Hi Tom, I know you are right but I am glad I didn’t read some of those books before I started: 3 years is a long time! Not sure I would have signed up for it:) Why do we always think it will be different for us?

  4. It’s all relative. You hear it all the time, comparison is the thief of joy. Sometimes you get a feature or a post goes viral and your site takes off. Btw my site has not taken off yet. I’m patiently waiting.

  5. This post is so charming! Here’s my tip: don’t focus on numbers or turning blogging into a business. I’m serious. That’s what everyone does, but really it’s about the long game. Just focus on what you DO enjoy about it, and being you.

    Sometimes I don’t remember what my life was like before blogging. But here’s what it looks like now: my husband will be hanging out at the park on a Sunday while I’m at home working on blog posts. Food for thought…

  6. You’ve made it 9 months blogging – 3 more and you’re in the top 1% (as far as time)! I love your blog and your story, and am glad you’re here. And I’d say you’re maybe doing this a healthier way than some of us (ahem, me) have done in the past with spending too much time on the blog… working on that myself 🙂

    1. Top 1%! You are right:) Thanks for the kind words, it means a lot.
      Not sure I am doing it the healthier way but trying to find the right balance for me, even if it means less success I guess.
      You seem to have a nice balance, but I don’t see the behind the scene:)

        1. I know. As soon as I get back into it, I feel the urge to work on everything and could spend many more hours if I let it happen! You are doing awesome Angela. whatever you do, keep it up:)

  7. I think you’re doing fantastic! Blogging is hard work, a lot harder than most people think, especially when you’re juggling so many other responsibilities. Keep doing what you can and with time you’ll start to see results 🙂

  8. Thanks for sharing your blog numbers, Caroline! After reaching a high in January, I took a break from blogging and my numbers have dipped. I am planning to start sharing my blog numbers again because it’s a blog post I enjoy writing. My issue is scheduling and consistency. I think you’re doing great overall, especially considering how busy you are. Keep it up!

    1. Thanks Graham. It’s crazy how quickly numbers drop when you take a break or not meet your schedule. You read it but you don’t always believe it, until it happens! Cheers

  9. Caroline, don’t let the blogging traffic stress you out. You are not alone, many of us are in a similar situation.

    I realized, if I’m worrying about the page views, blogging is not that fun anymore. I do enjoy writing and sharing my thoughts. I guess that’s what blogging is about, in my case.

    1. I have to agree 100% with you. Whenever I worry about page views, I don’t enjoy blogging as much. I love sharing my thoughts but it’s nice to know people are reading them:) Thanks Helen.

  10. The problem with blog stats…they are never good enough. Every time you reach a milestone, the next one becomes visible. I have no answer! I enjoyed the post though

  11. Thank you for sharing Caroline. I really enjoy reading your blog posts, you write really well and your funny personality comes out and shines through! It’s a tough road. I was hesitant to start it up again (after selling in 2012) and now I am immersed in the thick jungle/fog of staying up late to write posts and getting stressed out about my post hoarding etc. all for what? Haha…. It seriously is an addiction and a tumultuous relationship with your self esteem!

    1. You are so sweet:) Thank you!
      It is definitely an addiction which is why I think it is critical to set some boundaries from the beginning. They may not be the same for all of us but whatever they are, you need to make sure blogging doesn’t interfere with you living your life:)

  12. Great post! It’s so easy to compare ourselves and wonder why we’re not meeting the marks met by someone else. I love reading the real, raw, less-than-pretty truths behind all of this – blogging, FI/RE, etc…

  13. Hey! You’re doing much better than I am! So you want to trade places?

    It’s all one step in front of the other. There’s no other way. Put in the time and things happen.

    I find blogging to be a great creative outlet. For me, it is more than just about money. I throw in my attitude about things I write about. Too much dry news is boring beyond relief. And sometimes enough humor to let people know I am a little off-center (thank heavens!). I also write about what I do, not just what is theoretically the right thing to do. Sometimes I write about (my) fear:

    Keep up the good work! Don’t stop believing…

  14. Really enjoyed this. Everyone’s blogging journey is different. I work full-time and have a young and growing family and blogging is not easy. In fact, I am on my third attempt. Keep on keepin’ on and you will find your groove. I wish you wind in your sails.

  15. FWIW, I just found your blog and added it to my RSS feeds… I’m interested in the rental-income angle and the fact we’re living in the same area. I’m also planning on buying a property soon and am playing with the idea of rental properties as well, so I’m happy to have found your blog now 🙂 Looking forward to more articles about the ins and outs of being a landlord.

    1. Lol. More landlord posts? I feel the pressure now:)
      I post my rental income/expenses and any update on what has happened during the month in my monthly report. There is no filter, I share it all! I love the rental income but get easily fed up with being a landlord! Still glad I got into it for diversification. And I do plan to keep posting my stories on being a small time landlord.

  16. I find the number of comments incredibly impressive for a 9-months-old blog, that says to me that people do gravitate towards you and your content. 🙂

    To add to that, I don’t think that you’re doing anything “wrong”. You write high quality content and you seem to be having fun, I think those things are just as (if not more) important (coming from another new PF blogger).

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