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Mirror Mirror On The Wall, What Is the Best FI Acronym Of Them All?

Mirror Mirror On The Wall, What Is the Best FI Acronym Of Them All? I was reading a post with yet another Financial Independence acronym this week and started thinking about how many new ones I had seen so far this year? And which one I liked best. Light reading for today, TGIF!

Financial Independence Acronyms

Here is what I found on the ERE wiki website! (Early Retirement Extreme)

Financial independence acronyms

Not that exciting and definitely missing a ton!

Instead of trying to compile a list myself, here are a couple of recent posts where you can get a FULL list of the best, latest and most entertaining acronyms.

Hi, my name is Caroline and I am a FIRO SITKODATC! (Financially Independent , Retirement Optional – Single Income Three Kids One Dog and Two Cats!)

I wanted to squeeze in more but it already sounds like I have a serious disease!

Why Do We Need Financial Independence Acronyms or FIA?

Why do we have a need to come up with acronyms? Does it really matter?

Does being FIRE vs FIRO or FIOR make a difference? Are you financially independent? Are you happy? Good ! Who cares if you are working or not, if you are single or not, if you have kids or not. You are Financially Independent (FI), end of the story!  You get to do whatever you want to do! Why do we need additional acronyms for it?

The Internet Retirement Police (IRP) does care but their services would no longer be required!

I Am FI!

If we need to use acronyms, can we keep it simple. Is being FI not good enough? Whether we work or not once we reach financial independence, is a personal choice we all have. Just like deciding when we can call ourselves FI .

It may not be the same for you as it it for me. Maybe I need 30 times my expenses to feel FI, maybe you only need 20 times? I may be more conservative with my estimated returns while you may be overly optimistic. But we both call ourselves FI! Should we start getting more specific? I am FI30, how about you?

What are we all in pursuit of? I don’t know about you, but I am pursuing financial freedom so I can do whatever I want whenever I want to, true freedom!

To be happy and enjoy life to the fullest are the ultimate goals.

How about another new acronym for reaching Financial Independence/Freedom?

FIHEL (Financially Independent, Happy, Enjoying Life)

Over To You

What do you think? Any opinion on all the new acronyms we keep hearing about? Do you care whether people work or not once they reach FI?

More light reading? Frugal or Cheap?

Financial Independence acronyms

16 thoughts on “Mirror Mirror On The Wall, What Is the Best FI Acronym Of Them All?

  1. Hi Caroline (a.k.a. FIRO SITKODATC), such a cool and relaxing post for Friday! FI should be a common goal for everyone, as it means freedom and choices.

    After achieving FI, it’s up to each individual’s interest. It’s absolutely fine to keep working, retire, or do anything they like to. There is no right or wrong, as long as people enjoy it. This is the beauty of living in a free country, and I love it.

    1. That’s is exactly what it is, there is no right or wrong as long as people enjoy it and stop trying to label it! Freedom to do what we want. Yours truly, Caroline a.k.a. FIRO SITKODATC

  2. I hate it because I hate crazy acronyms but I love it because it explains simply what I am because I’m lazy about going into details!! I’m definitely FIRO or FIOR. Not sure where to go from here!

  3. Love FIHEL! Although I usually just focus on the shorter HEL (but sounds a bit too much like hell – don’t think that will catch on!). FI can happen in the background at some stage, but if you don’t have the HEL part working, you need to change something in your life sooner rather than later!

    Cheers, Frankie

    1. Hi Frankie, such a valid point. I think too many people focus on the FI part and forget to work on the HEL part. The assumption is that it will come once they are FI, but it doesn’t always!

    1. Hi Joe, the problem with the RE is that lots of people challenge the “RE’ status if you have side hustles (ie: blogging). So why not just say FI?

  4. Ohhh, how about Looking to be Financially Independent? LTBFI Or maybe Happy, Comfortable, Enjoying Life?? HCEL!! You have so many choices Caroline!

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