Money Scrap Turns ONE!

Wow, I can’t believe I made it! Money Scrap turns ONE this week and I am still blogging! Maybe not on a consistent basis but I am still here!

This will be a short post, I wouldn’t want to spoil you all after being gone for almost a month:)

Starting a blog has been an amazing experience. I learned so much about so many things I didn’t know anything about! And got to “meet” so many great people/bloggers.

I also became more accountable by publishing my monthly reports and my grocery challenge updates .

Money Scrap Turns ONE,  How Well Did I Do?

Amazing! If you only take into consideration the length of time I have been blogging. I made it to ONE year blogging, and apparently that is an accomplishment in itself (90% of bloggers quit in their first year, or something close to it)

It’s understandable. Blogging is hard work!

In my case, with three kids (even older), a full-time job and a life full of other activities (and maybe the fact that it takes me hours to write each post!), sometimes blogging does take a back seat. Like this past month, Another Blogging Break? Again!.

How About My Numbers You Ask?

Well , not so great!  If you read my post Blog Report: The Walk Of Shame, you already know I am not a blog star! 

But For Fun (Mostly Yours) And Full Transparency, Here Are My Numbers:

  • Views to date: 25,389
  • Comments to date: 1,590
  • Subscribers: 73
  • Post published: 83
  • Alexa ranking: 1,604,678

Your Favorite Five Posts:

My Favorite Five Posts:

It’s a tough one because I actually like most of my posts, it depends on my mood. But if I have to choose , today it would be:

I thank Rockstar Finance, Camp Fire Finance and Women”s Women Talk for featuring one or several of my posts in the last year.

And to ALL of you, readers and fellow bloggers:


Pin me please:)

And to my BBBs, already mentioned in my previous post Another Blogging Break? Again! A Special thank you. You gave me the right support when I needed it.

32 thoughts on “Money Scrap Turns ONE!

  1. Congrats on your special day Caroline. DD turns 1 on 9/9. We made it. What “it” is, I’m not exactly sure. 🙂

  2. Happy 1st blog birthday Caroline!! You made it to one year, that is an accomplishment in itself. Mines turned 1 in July and still love doing it especially with the interaction amongst other bloggers.

  3. Woohoo BBB! Congratulations on year one!! Blogging as a hobby means you can do as much or as little of it as you want and it still counts 🙂 Frugal or cheap was one of my favorites as well! And the depression piece was hard to write I’m certain, but so important.

    1. Thank you Angela:) yes the depression piece was hard and there may be a few more coming along the way. I am thinking of doing a sequel to the Frugal or Cheap, it was so much fun. Thanks for your on-going support. Cheers

  4. Happy blogiversary BBB Caroline! Your blog posts are always a treat to read- you have so much creativity and are so good with words! Even if English is your second language. I learn so much from reading your blog! All of the readers’ favourites and your favourites are my faves too! Congrats on making it to one year!!! Here’s to many more years! Xoxoxoxoxo

  5. Congratulations on blogging for a full year, Caroline! I have certainly been enjoying your blog over the past year. Thanks for sharing your numbers. I actually think you’ve done quite well. I’m looking forward to reading Money Scrap for years to come.

  6. Hi Caroline, happy one year anniversary! You made it. You already beat 90% of the new bloggers. That’s a lot of hard work and persistence. Have a party to celebrate.

  7. Happy one year anniversary! I’m actually just discovering your blog now since even as an almost 1.5 year old blogger, I’m way behind in learning about lots of the blogging aspects like for example how twitter works lol which is where I discovered you. Your numbers look fantastic to me and more importantly, your posts seem like very genuine and thoroughly thought out content. Looking forward to catching up on all you have written in this past year! Cheers 🙂 and congratulations.

  8. You are a blog star! Those numbers are great!

    Blogging is time consuming but also very rewarding. If this is year one I can only imagine what year two will bring!

  9. Keep up the good work, Caroline! Getting through that first year is probably the toughest. It wasn’t until I reached that point with the 5AM wake up that my blog started to reach a level of consistency. AC just turned 2 this week – feeling much better than at year 1!

  10. Congrats on turning one, it is a big milestone. Even though your stats may be on the low side, you have a LARGE amount of comments in comparison. That is a good sign that your readers are very engaged.

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