How Not To Start A Blog!

How Not To Start a Blog! (Post updated on February 1, 2018) 

Know What To Expect!

Time Consuming

It took me 2 hours to try to get back in my “admin” site so I could try to make it look nicer:( By the time I finally figured it out and tried to add an image, that was another hour. And except adding a header image (cuts 90% of the pic) or  getting a full background, haven’t been able to add one image on the site. This is going to be more difficult than anticipated. I will need to set some time aside and call the support number from my host provider.

I found the “adding-images-to-posts-or-pages” help page but my screen didn’t look quite like the one they were showing so I gave up.

My First Challenges:

There is so much I need to look into. I started a list of all the things I will need to talk to Tech support about such as:

  • How do I access my site admin (duh!)
  • Where is spell check!
  • How do I set up the comments section and respond
  • Where can I set up an email address (using my new site address)
  • How do I verify my site if fully secure
  • How do I add images

Oh! And guess what else I did? My domain name is wrong!!! ARGHHH  . I messed up one letter and only noticed today! Honestly I am not that dumb usually, not sure how I could have not noticed when they sent that VERIFICATION email.  I signed up for 2 years!

…to be continued

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