Hello World Of Bloggers!

(Updated Feb. 01, 2018)

Hello world of bloggers!

This is it! Finally in!!  I just had to write a few lines because I am so excited I was even able to get that far:) I am “new technology” challenged and … Wow! what an experience so far! I finally set up my web hosting and managed to find the WordPress One Click! Really not as easy as I have been reading on all the other blogs. Or maybe I am just more challenged than I thought!

So far I can write this post and that is pretty much it (and it may have taken me quite a few hours to get there!) . I checked some of the site set up (appearance, plugins, pages…) but I am getting a little overwhelmed right now.  wonder if there is a spell check for post? I really hope so.

So here is to my first step towards setting my blog. Now you will just have to join me in my journey to making this a real blog. I don’t think you will be able to send me comments yet, I don’t know how to set it up.

And yes I could call the service desk and get help…but have to go get dinner ready:)

Caroline at Money Scrap

PS: Had to copy and paste this blog because apparently I was in the admin part of the site…this is going to be fun!:)

Below content added on Feb. 01, 2018 (Image too).

A few words of caution if you plan to start a blog; it takes a lot of time!!!

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