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How I Plan to Save $60 a Week on Groceries

So here I am, I made the commitment to reduce my grocery spending by $60 a week or 22% by the end of this year! But how do I really plan to save money on groceries? Just because I am keeping track of my expenses by category and sharing them on this blog is not going to magically lower my bill, is it? There are many ways to reduce grocery spending, some work better than others, some require more time than other. Here is the list of grocery saving tips that should work for me, it’s how I plan to save $60 a week on groceries :

  1. Shop only once a week. I am already doing it – most of the time – but sometimes towards the end of the week, I may stop at the grocery store on the way home if we run out of something and I end up buying a lot more than what was needed. (Obviously stopping on the way back from work at 5:30 PM, right before dinner, is not the smartest idea!)
  2. Don’t shop on an empty stomach. I still do it (duh!) I end up buying snacks and anything else that looks or smells good.
  3. Plan your meals for the week, before you go shopping, and add the needed ingredients to your list.
  4. Make a list and stick to it. Sounds so simple and easy but most of us don’t do it.
  5. Go with generic/store brands whenever you can. If it was up to me, I would buy everything generic but I have some picky eaters in the house. Now maybe if I start charging them a premium for brand name they may not be as picky!
  6. Know the price of food; one of the best ways to save is to know the prices of the products you buy often. This will help you figure out if you are getting a good deal on sale items.
  7. Stick to one stop shop, two if you have too. The more places you go, the more tempted you will be to buy unnecessary items.
  8. Skip some aisles. I am notorious for getting sidetracked at the Superstore; they just have too many cool cooking tools, books, gadgets and I end up spending on more than just groceries.
  9. Don’t impulse buy! If it is not on your list or the most amazing sale…keep moving.
  10. Don’t buy junk food. It is expensive and it is not good for you.
  11. Check price per unit when comparing products. They all come in different shapes and sizes making it harder to know if you are getting the best deal. The unit price is in small print under the main price, this price will help you compare whether a large or small size of an item is a better buy.
  12. Stock up on sales. Stock up on groceries that are non-perishable or can be frozen. But remember, you are only saving money if you stock up on things that you will use.
  13. Buy in season. Vegetables and fruits are cheaper when they are in season so plan accordingly.
  14. Clean out your fridge every two weeks and check your cupboards regularly. Use up what you bought before buying more. Less wasting, more saving.
  15. Price check and shop around for discounts and coupons on items you buy regularly. Look at grocery store flyers, newspaper ads and online to see what items are on sale. Consider using a grocery app; I use Flipp to get access to all weekly flyers. It also allows you to search specific item to see where it might be on sale. Great tool as long as you don’t forget to check it (not that I would ever forget!). I have also read about Checkout 51 where you can redeem virtual coupons by snapping a photo of your receipt. That is my kind of coupons! I will give it a try and report back . You may also want to check Ebates and The Coupons App, both have great reviews.

How about you, How much to do you plan to save on groceries? How do you plan to get there?

8 thoughts on “How I Plan to Save $60 a Week on Groceries

  1. Hungry shopping is horrible on the wallet. It’s not one of those just in case tips, I spend $20 hungry vs not hungry. We’re a car free family so we shop at one place or two max – I get tempted to go to a third store where they have cheaper tater tots but if I go in to save $2, I would blow $5 on a batch of muffins 🙂 d’oh!

  2. I like grocery shopping in the evenings the best. The WORST is Costco on the weekends. If you’re not hungry when you get there, you end up being hungry waiting for a parking space, waiting in the checkout line, and trying to navigate your way through the aisles haha. I like Checkout 51 and Flipp (is Flipp Canadian or both US/Canada?) but I haven’t gotten a ‘cheque’ from Checkout 51 yet, We are just over $13, $7 more for a $20 check!

    1. Good question on the Flipp app, I just checked and it is available in the US too. I agree with you on Costco, awful on the week end (but still when I go!). After following my grocery spending a lot more closely in the last month, I am going to be using Flipp a lot more and my other tips too! I never thought I spent so much in one category. Find out soon which one it is:)

  3. We switched to Aldi and saved probably $100ish a month. We also started meal prepping our lunches on Sundays which was huge. We can now get all the food we need for a week for $40-$60 for 2 people, depending on if we need to restock on some staples.

    Sine we are on a relatively boringish ‘diet’ and have been since February it makes shopping super easy, too, which is nice.

    1. I don’t think we have Aldi in Canada but we do have a lot choices, I just assumed Costco was the best but realizing it is not! $60 for two would be the equivalent of about $150 for the five of us. That will be my ultimate goal, but with big family dinners on Sunday and having to buy some gluten free products, I am not sure we can get there.

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