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Monthly Goals – The Beginning

In order to be successful in anything you must set goals, otherwise you will lose motivation or even forget what you are working for. How will you know if you have succeeded if you don’t know what your goal was in the first place!

This blog is about my personal journey to happiness (more of it) and financial freedom. My life is pretty good right now but I still have to work full time and that is preventing me from doing many things I would love to have the time to do. So in order to fully control my life, I need to reach financial freedom. Once you are free financially, the choices are endless. I also need to start working on being happier and healthier now, making the best of what I have and improving on whatever I can.

By sharing my goals with you, I am making myself more accountable and hopefully more motivated. I am also hoping to get feedback based on your own experience so it helps me get there faster.

Goals need to be specific, measurable and attainable. For example setting up a goal such as “spend less” is not specific enough so you can’t measure your progress – how much is less? Do I need to spend less next week or in 10 years? It is also harder to work towards goals when they are not specific enough such as “save $10” with no timeframe. If you set a goal of saving $10/week starting today for 3 months; it is specific – 10$/week, it is measurable – you can easily count how much you saved compare to the 10$ goal and it is attainable – not many people can’t afford to save $10/week for a 3 months period. At the end of the three months you would repeat or set a new goal. You should set short and long term goals, ideally the short term goals are just stepping stones to help you achieve your long term goal and help you stay motivated.

So here are my goals for September to December 2017 – Now, since I am sharing with all of you, I won’t be as aggressive with my goals. I do have some pride!

I will set my long term goals in the near future!


  • Limit to 2 coffee per day max (from 3 sometimes 4) to October 31st then down to 1 (I don’t think coffee is good for me and should replace with yummy healthy water)
  • No sweets until October 31st, except one on Sundays. My clothes have been shrinking so I need to adapt!
  • Drink at least three glasses of water per day.
  • Workout once a week.
  • Go up the stairs at least twice/week – 18 set of stairs to get to my office!


  • Read one book on starting a blog (I know I should have done it before starting the blog!) by the end of the month


  • Call and negotiate my cell phone plan, I pay too much! (I have been procrastinating but need to take care of this, it can just be so time consuming)
  • Reduce our grocery bill by 22% by December 31st. (see upcoming post for detail)
  • Look into ways to make extra money and make a list.


  • Post a few relevant comments on some of the blogs I follow.
  • Review and add appropriate affiliate links on my blog for extra money. It is a little premature since I seem to have set up my blog backwards (i.e.: learn and read about blogs after I already set mine up!) but it is one of my goals anyway. If I can make some money while blogging, why not?
  • I will set a goal for my visitor’s traffic count but seems a little premature this week. I guess the goal for now would be to get one visitorJ

Maybe that’s too many goals, many not enough or just not very relevant. This is a work in progress and I will update as required each time.

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