How Many DAYS Do You Have Left To Live?

Have you ever thought of the rest of your life in days? I love playing with numbers and often do, usually to calculate how much I spend, how much I save or anything else that has to do with money. But yesterday, my son decided to calculate how old we were in days. Obviously he was really bored, 2 hours in the car with no internet access!!! So How Many Days Do You Think You Have Left To Live?

And by the way (for those of you who may carethe skiing was amazing, I just wish my muscles wouldn’t hurt as much today!

How Old Are We In Days?

He is going to be 17 years old in 2 months, so he is 6,140 days old! Awww, still a baby:)

Then we did mine; I am 18,520 days old! For some of you it may seem high but, honestly, it is nowhere near what I expected! I feel so much older when I think of my age in years! 50 soon to be 51! But 18,520 days makes me feel younger! And you are as young as you feel.

Want to know how old you are in days? There is an on-line calculator!

Life Expectancy

So then we proceeded to calculate how many days I thought I had left to live. We all use some sort of estimate to calculate our retirement needs and FI requirements but I never looked at it in days. We could have used the Canadian average life expectancy for women which is 83 as of 2017  but since both my parents past-away at 80 I thought it would be a better estimate in this case. They both died of lung cancer and neither one of them smoked! Cancer seems to be the main cause of death in my entire family!

Using this calculator, I came up with 85.2 but it didn’t ask anything about my family medical history so I am going to stick with 80! For retirement planning, I do use 85. I would hate to run out of money past 80!

10,585 Days Left To Live!

So that’s another 29 years and 3 month for me or 10,585 days! Maybe another 1,825 days if I make it to 85 but I won’t hold my breath (definitely not if I want to make it to 85).
Wow 10,585 doesn’t seem like much! 29 years made me feel like I had a lot of time, in days I feel like it’s going to fly by. Tomorrow, I will be down to 10,584! Did I make today worth it? Did I just waste my day or did I take full advantage of it? Could I have done anything differently to make it even better? It really feels like I shouldn’t be wasting any time at all! No more bad days, there are just not enough of them left to waste!

Don’t Waste Your Days!

So effective today, anytime I am having a bad or unproductive day, I will try to remind myself of how many days I have left and hopefully smarten up and not waste it! Life is truly too short. I will try not to let burst pipes, job loss or my busy schedule get in the way of enjoying each day.

How about you, how many days do you think you have left to live? Do you find it makes a difference when you look at it in days vs. years? Maybe you could set up financial goals for each day instead of years! Would FI seem more reachable? Do you have a system to get you out of a funk when you realize you are having a bad day? How do you estimate your life expectancy when planning for FI ?

26 thoughts on “How Many DAYS Do You Have Left To Live?

  1. So glad your ski trip was amazing, making lasting memories with your son! And, as you know all too well, sometimes the days don’t quite add up. My 49 year old brother was just in a terrible auto accident and is in a coma in the ICU since this weekend. He’s a family doctor and has three kids. It seemed like he had so many days, and now it seems I may be able to count them on one hand. Sorry to be depressing here, but yes, make those days count the best you can.

    1. Don’t be sorry Kat, this is the reality of life. Sometimes we forget how things can change so quickly. I am so sorry to hear about your brother:(

      1. I haven’t heard back from Kat for a few days:( I am sure she appreciates all the thoughts. This is another reminder how life can change overnight!

    1. Thanks Tom, life is truly fragile. I too try to never waste a day, but I have to admit I am not always good at it. Sometimes I do let the little things get in the way:(

  2. I just calculated my life expectancy and have about 15,000 days left. Now looking at that number, it feels that life is precious and I can’t waste the remaining days left. Having a baby in our life, I feel that it’s more important not to have a day wasted. I want to see him evolve from baby to a child and eventually to an adult. And during that time, I want to instill what I know and pass it to him. It’s about leaving a legacy that can be a positive influence to him!!

  3. Hi Caroline, I like to use a smaller number like decades(4+), soon I will start calculating in quarter centuries (2). I am glad your ski trip was amazing !

  4. I just did this quiz today and was sent it by someone else (my husbands friend sent it to him) Haha 🙂 I calculated 89 and my husband 88. I take it with a grain of salt though.

    Kat I am so sorry to read this about your brother!! That is devastating I hope he makes it through, my thoughts are with you.

  5. Thanks for the reminder that we need to make each day count. Time sure does fly by doesn’t it? I cannot believe how fast the weeks are going here lately.

    Kat, very sorry to hear about your brother. Hoping for the best and that he pulls through!

  6. For my retirement planning, I used the age 85, just to be conservative. I wish I knew how long I’m going to live, instead of this guess and gamble planning. You are right. I got to appreciate every single day, and the good health.

  7. Glad you all enjoyed the skiing.

    What an interesting question…….I have no real idea what my life expectancy really would be, my family has history or loads of ‘bad lifestyle’ diseases so that muddies the water. And where I was born has a lower expectancy than where I live now, and don’t know which one you are meant to use.

    Anyway, at 37 I’d like to think I’m coming up to half-way of my life lived. Sobering thought.

    1. I was just talking about location and life expectancy with my kids. We figured maybe I will live longer because cancer may have to do with where I was born vs. family genetics! Good thing I moved:)

  8. This is very very depressing yes it is. I don’t like counting the days!!! I want to live forever cause it’s funnnnn. Aw. I never counted days before. I counted hours and there’s a lot more hours than days and that made me feel better. But…1/3 of it is sleeping so….*anxiety floods in*…

    1. So Steve who is (slightly) older is switching to centuries and you are switching to hours! Maybe I will stick to years after all:) and you are right we are wasting so much time sleeping!

  9. This is sad haha!

    I have done a MUCH better job of enjoying the journey. When I first set out on my path I was to hard on myself and realized that today is amazing too and it is not all about money.

    Now I have found a nice stride and am enjoying life way more.

  10. This post hits home to me today! One of my coworkers passed away this weekend at a very young age. He was only 47!!!! So awful. It really makes you stop and realize how blessed we are.

    It also is a great reminder how little money and things matter! His life was filled with love, and that’s what we all remember of him. We don’t remember his possessions.

  11. Great way of maintaining an appreciation for each and every day, Caroline. When you break life down into days like that, it really becomes clear how short life is. Thanks for sharing the positive outlook. Hope you’re doing well!

    1. I agree it really makes you realize how short life is! Need to enjoy each days and I am doing my best to do just that:) Thanks for commenting Graham

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