Earn At Least $50 Doing Almost Nothing!

Earn At Least $50 Doing Almost Nothing And Get 2.75% Guaranteed For 6 Months? Is it a joke? No, it’s not! I don’t usually promote products or services, I include the Ebates link on the side because I think it is a great deal no matter what you do, but I don’t promote it (may explain why I never earn any money from it either). I am not even sure if this latest product even qualifies as an affiliate because we ALL get paid. That’s right , if you open an account (see terms and conditions) I get $50 and you get $50. Win, win! Plus if you set up an automatic payment plan, you get an additional $25 after 6 months!

No worries, I won’t start bombarding you with special offers and products. We will return to our regular programming next week. This is one off because I think it is a really good offer and I was really excited about it. I know I should get a life, but I like FREE money!

I have to confess, I don’t often shop around for my banking. I have been with the same bank forever and I like having everything under one roof, much simpler to manage! Just look at my travel hacking experience, obviously, I have issues!

I pay my $19.95 bank fees every month and it includes all my banking needs,  from my chequing & saving accounts, VISA Avion and even a small safety deposit box (which I am not sure I actually need!). I am not always happy with their service but I am too lazy to transfer everything.

So when I was reading GYM’s post this week High Interest Savings Accounts Comparison In Canada , I wasn’t planning on opening a new account at all. But by the time I was done reading and had time to think about it, I did!

Why Did I Open A Tangerine Account?

  • I don’t have an emergency savings account! (No I am not broke!  I have lots of money saved but I like to invest it and always have my HELOC as a backup)
  • Tangerine has a good reputation for online banking, they use to be ING direct.
  • A special offer at 2.75% on savings for a period of 6 months (then it goes to 1.10%) sounds appealing to park a little money.

In GYM’s comparison, EQ actually seemed to make more sense because the rate is higher but , I never heard of them. Yes even if they have been in business for 45 years in Canada!


The Deciding Factor: Earn At Least $50 Doing Almost Nothing!

I get $50 for opening an account with Tangerine! That’s $50 for $100 investment. Plus I can get an additional $25 if I set up an Automated Savings Program (ASP) – Read the fine print on that one, it’s more of a commitment!  I used GYM’s orange key so she also earned $50. (I already told her she owes me an ice cream!).

All I had to do was transfer $100 and I received the $50 the next day!

If anyone else opens an account using my Orange Key 53429745S1 , I get an additional $50 each time! And so will YOU (no blog required!). Once you open an account, you will receive your own orange key. It didn’t take me long to do the math, I have three kids and I don’t think any of them ever had a Tangerine account before (one of the conditions). I could get $50 for each, so potentially $150 dollars extra plus a one time special of $150 for referring three people. Total $350 (original $50 + $300)! For doing “almost” nothing, plus my money is earning 2.75% for 6 months! I must be missing something?

Caution: This is not an investment account , it is a place to park a little money for emergencies or specific goals, definitely not to replace your investment account!

My kids will also each get $50 on their $100 investment, not a bad return. At minimum wage, it’s close to 4 hours of work for them!

Note: The $50 dollars and the extra $150 for three referrals is only available until the end of July, afterwards it’s $25 per referral.

I don’t know the restrictions for foreign nationals but the accounts are in Canadian dollars! Maybe worth it to transfer the equivalent $100 CAD to get FREE money? But then maybe not! Let us know if you try.

Final Thoughts

If you ever considered opening a separate savings account (I think any account will get you the bonus but do check), then why not now? I already have one co-worker who signed up today, I can’t wait to see if I do get a referral fee, that would be pretty cool.

Here is my Orange Key 53429745S1 in order for both of us to get the $50 cash bonus. But to be fair, here is the link to GYM’s post where she also state her key, if you prefer. Either way YOU will get your $50! If you use the key stated on the Tangerine site, I think you only get $25. Check my future Monthly Report to see if I managed to get any extra dollars, it will be full disclosure.

What do you think? Am I missing something? Sounds too easy!

Earn $50 Doing Nothing

13 thoughts on “Earn At Least $50 Doing Almost Nothing!

  1. Don’t worry you don’t need to send people to my page for my orange key! Haha, that’s why you got your own Orange Key now!! It’s a great promo, especially if you have three kids! That’s super easy money because they sign up and you get your referral bonus (it’s the least they could do since you raised them so well for 16+ years!! Lol).

    Thanks for the mention 🙂 I do owe you ice cream or chocolate!

    I just signed up for a TD All Inclusive Account and will get PAID $300!! Normally it costs $29.95 a month (RBC has a promo where they give you an Ipad right now). Also, the All Inclusive Account is FREE if you have a minimum of $5000 in your account. They also give you a free small safety deposit box (if there is one available), and a free premium card (Aeroplan Infinite), and free cheques. I don’t like paying bank fees- you shouldn’t be paying the $20 a month to RBC! 🙂

    1. Hi GYM, I just got one year free with RBC because they messed up my travel reward redemption:) But I will look into TD.
      As far as the link, fair is fair:) Cheers

  2. Its definitely a good deal … especially if you don’t have a saving account. I already have an account with Capital One 360 (formerly ING). 2.75% rate is a good … but 1.10% is lower. I get 1.60% with my savings account 🙂 Rate hikes are making savings account relevant again. Good luck with your bonus quest.

  3. Unfortunately I won’t be contributing to the cause. I have a savings account at 1.75% but I park most my cash in a money market that yields 2.05% now. As a saver it’s nice to get paid again for, well you know, saving. Good luck. Tom

  4. Hi Caroline, that’s cool. There are some good banking deals. Sometimes I shop around to get a better rate. Making some extra by moving money around is sweet.

  5. Working with Amazon as a telemarketer is a great side hustle. My niece works with Amazon as a telemarketer, she accepts phone orders for Amazon and she makes $50 per customer. She says the job is really great and it pays very good. I think I am going to sign up to be an Amazon telemarketer, too. Because it seems like a good side hustle job.

  6. Heck, even that post-6-months 1.10% isn’t bad if you’re not doing anything else with the money. I’m not gonna sign up for an account now but I’ll definitely think about it.

    1. If you decide to open an account, you get more if you do it before the end of July ($50 instead of $25). I parked some money in the account for the next 6 months at least (my new emergency fund!).

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