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Over $6,000 In Dividend YTD! June 2018 Income, Expenses And Goals

June went by so quickly, I can’t believe half of the year is gone already! On the money front, June was my best dividend month EVER, over $6,000 YTD !  But rental property income was not as good.  You can find out why my rental income was lower below, never a dull moment as a landlord. This month expenses were fairly high too, get all the details in this June 2018 Income, Expenses And Goals.

Update on layoff notice: None! I sent a couple of emails to my boss but he didn’t respond yet. It is so messed up. I will have to find a way to get an answer when I get back from vacation!


Monthly FI (Financial Independence) income:

Dividend & Interest Income: $1,291

My highest dividend payout month so far! I am on track to meet my $12,000 goal for the year, even with the Corus dividend cut, but it will be tight.

Stocks/ETFs I received dividends from in June:


  • REI.UN – RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust
  • CPG – Crescent Point
  • ZAG – BMO Aggregate Bond ETF
  • CJR.B – Corus Entertainment Inc.
  • IPL – Inter Pipeline Ltd.
  • ZDV – BMO Canadian Dividend ETF
  • FIE – iShares Canadian Fncl Mthly Inc ETF
  • ALA – AltaGas Ltd.
  • ZDI – BMO International Dividend ETF


  • BEP-UN – Brookfield Renewal Partners
  • BPY-UN – Brookfield Property Partners
  • ENB – Enbridge Inc.
  • MFC – Manulife Financial Corporation
  • GM – General Motors Company
  • PFE – Pfizer Inc.
  • KHC – The Kraft Heinz Company

Rental Income

Rental income from my three rental units, all condos. You can read more info on my units here.

  • I renewed one of my mortgages last month, for another 4 years. The plan has always been to sell them all when I turn 55 so I am sticking with the plan for now, even if I am not sure I will last that much longer as a landlord!

Last month, everything went really smooth but not this month!

  • The washing machine in one of the units broke down so I had to get an appliance technician to come and check it out. I always call the same guy, he is reasonable in price and seem to know what he is talking about. And he also usually shows up the next day!

The washer couldn’t be fixed. It was only 4 years old but it seems the machines are not built the way they used to be. I managed to select, purchase and get a new one delivered within 3 days. Always try to get the appliances/equipment fixed quickly otherwise the tenants keep calling and/or texting you!

Total for appliance technician visit and new machine for the month: $847!

It was definitely more work this month compare to May. I had to meet the appliance technician at the unit, then had to shop around for a new washer (you can do a lot on-line but it is still time-consuming). Do you know how many machines there are out there??? It was overwhelming.

I estimate the time spent on rentals this month to be around 5 hours overall. So unlike like month where I cleared $1,851/hour, this month my hourly rate is around $187/hr.

Not bad considering I bought a new washer and probably overestimated my hours a bit.

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Side Hustle Income:

EXPENSES – $6,761!  And you thought last month was high!

See all my previous monthly reports here.

Tip: Update your spreadsheets regularly otherwise it takes forever!

Categories from Household to Cell phones are consistent each month so I will stop commenting unless something changes. You can refer to the December post for details.

I was planning to go back and breakdown some expenses for my updated car categories but I didn’t get a chance to do it yet. Next month, life got in the way again!


I finally caught up on my donations! I will try to keep up with it until the end of the year or whenever I no longer work. It all went to Mental Health. Next month, I will give to Cancer. It makes me feel good to give back while I can (and less guilty about not finding time to volunteer!).

Bank Fees Are Missing? 

  • The bank messed up my travel reward redemption and I have been trying to get it resolve for over a month.  To appease me, they offered me one year of free banking.

Kids :

  • It was one of my daughters’ birthday this month. I gave her cash instead of a gift,  and we went out for drinks and appetizer one evening to celebrate.
  • My oldest daughter graduated and I paid for her dress and flowers. Then five of us went out for a nice lunch. No grad gift beyond that… except for the $30,000!
  • No expenses for my son! (Happy dance). I am sure he will get me next month:)


Last month I paid for the taxes for our four tickets to Mexico, the actual airfare was paid with points. This month I paid for the VRBO. It is not cheap but you only live once! Plus it’s all paid with the extra money I saved by being frugal while travelling on business to Australia. I hope the place is as nice as the pictures.

Other :

It was my partner’s birthday so I got him a couple of shirts and a gift cart to Golftown (I realized afterwards I could have use points on my Mastercard to get the gift card! It’s like travel hacking all over again). I also bought myself a few things for the summer and some more pricey personal care products. As you get older you actually care what you put on your face/body! I also went out for lunch with a friend.

An expensive month overall!!!

Summary – FI ratio is 39% YTD including kids expenses and travel with kids.



  • Reduce Grocery bill by 30% or $200/week. We are doing AMAZING! I have the report ready to go, don’t miss it soon. For last month’s report, check Monthly Grocery Reports.
  • Increase my dividend to $12,000. Still on target at 52% of my target dividend income so far.


  • Still blogging! Traffic is back up but still low.  I wrote a post about my poor performance. You can read all about it in Blog Report: The Walk Of Shame!
  • I reached over 780 followers on Twitter, I should reach my goal by the end of the year.


  • Cut back on Sweets: I didn’t do as well as I could have. Lots of extra junk! You can read about my struggle in my post What If Frugality Is Not In Your DNA?
  • My average daily steps were 9,362 in June, less than May! I was tired and didn’t feel like working too hard. I have no excuse! It will be better in July.


Adding two new goals for things I plan to do once I don’t work full-time anymore. For now, I will incorporate them into my current routine and see how it works out.

  • Take 2 weeks off and travel at least every 6 months. There is no reason for me not to do this. I get enough vacation time and I can afford it and YES the office will be fine without me!
  • Volunteer at least once a month. I feel I never have time to (which is why I donate instead) but I am convinced it is only a matter of time management. I am hoping I can do a better job to find a few hours a month to volunteer.

That’s it for this month. How about you? How was your June?

For June, a special THANK YOU  to 


June 2018 Income, Expenses And Goals

28 thoughts on “Over $6,000 In Dividend YTD! June 2018 Income, Expenses And Goals

  1. Woot $6K in dividend income so far that’s so good!! Again let me reiterate again I’m glad I did not go into that bet with you 😉 Lol. Or maybe I could have and then I owe you a chocolate.

    Keep up the great work. I like the idea of a vacation every 6 months! For me I like it every 3-4 months lol.

    1. Hi GYM, yes it wasn’t a fair bet I guess:( But you are catching up quickly.
      I plan to take more vacation in between but would like a nice two weeks vacation every six months at least. But then again, I may not work full time again once I am officially laid off. Will see.

  2. Looks like a good month overall Caroline.

    And I love how travel is becoming a bigger things for you – I love your new goal of travelling for 2 weeks each year! And Mexico sounds like a great trip, and well worth the spend.

    1. Hi Ms Zi You, travelling has always been a big thing but with three kids it has its challenges. Sometimes you need to use your time off for a lot of other reasons beside vacation/travel. Now that they are older, it is becoming easier to go away with or without them:)

  3. 24k isn’t too bad for 6 months, in my opinion. i’ve been looking at brookfield renewable. i might have mentioned before i like the way they run a business. i used to own BAM and BIP in the past. we had a good june financially and i can’t wait to get this paint job on our house paid and have the expense known so we can travel some later in the year.

    1. Thanks Freddy, considering it includes cost for my kids and travel, I have to agree with you:) I can slash those expenses if I HAD to:) I like Brookfield in general, very diversified.
      Big expenses always seem to get in the way but hope you get to travel this year! Cheers

  4. Caroline, the dividend income for June looks great!

    About the washer, it broke down after only 4 years, that’s too bad. I guess the new ones don’t last that long any more. I went through the washer and dryer hassles lately. My old ones were used for 18 years, finally I had to replace them. It was not fun. Have a great weekend.

  5. Hi – Long time reader (and lurker)! Just wondering if you’ve ever shared where you buy your stocks – do you use Questrade or a bank, a different brokerage?


    1. Hi long time reader (I should give you a medal for that!), I buy my stock thru my investing account with my bank (Direct Investing with RBC). Have a great day and thanks for following my blog:)

  6. Pfe for me as well this month. Seem like you also have various plans but lack the time to execute them. Similar story here! I started meditation, felt better and then stopped. Haven’t started si de due to lack of time. But I do make time to post this comment. So it might be a priority thing after all…

    1. Haha, I feel the same. Sometimes I look back and think I don’t have enough time but then I still manage to find time to blog!!!
      Meditation is also something I want to get into, apparently you don’t need much time for it:)

  7. Super impressive numbers, Caroline! 🙂

    By the way, I totally hear you vis-a-vis Corus’ dividend cut. I’m curious to hear what you think will happen to this stock over the next 10 years.

    1. Hi CMT, I suck at predicting the market or any individual stock so I won’t even try:) I plan to keep it for a while but stay on top of the news just in case:) Thanks.

  8. I heard the exact same thing about washers and dryers. They have the fancy features but the life span of a cheesecake. If you get the classics from 15 or 20 years ago they can endure anything. Ours is almost 19 years old.

    1. Wow Lily! 19 years old! That’s what I need for my tenants:) But they don’t sell them anymore. But yes lots of fancy stuff on them. Honestly, even for us, I don’t need all the fancy stuff. It’s just laundry:)

  9. Great dividend numbers Caroline!! Looks like you should go over that $12K mark, you might reach $15K by the end of the year.
    We used volunteer a lot before we had our son. Going to help setup a playground at a local park, pack canned goods at food shelters and painting over graffiti at the beach were some of the volunteer work we did. Hopefully we can get back on it with our son volunteering as well.

    1. This is great Kris, I admire people who make the time to volunteer for any cause (well most). I used to volunteer at my kids’ school a lot when they were younger:)

  10. Thanks for sharing the review, Caroline! Impressive month for dividend and interest income! Your year over year growth is amazing. It’s too bad about the washing machine in your rental, but it’s nice that you will be able to sell the rental at 55. Overall your hourly rate is working out well. On the blogging side, it’s crazy that you’ve only been blogging for 1 year in September. For some reason it seems like a lot longer. The blogging community is lucky to have you! Awesome review!

    1. Hi Graham, you are so sweet:) As always.
      The plan is to sell at 55 but some days I don’t think I will make it. This past week, I have been getting complaints about my tenants making too much noise. Not a big deal but such a pain to deal with. I am just getting too old for this!

  11. nice Caroline!

    sounds like a great month overall. have a great trip. sucks about the washer but you got that issue fixed quickly. nice work.

    6k in dividends already! sweet.

    keep it up

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