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The Ultimate Girl’s Day Out! Or How To Waste $88 In Two Hours!

A light post today because I had a crazy busy stressful week!


Plus no need to cover Suze Orman’s interview on Paula Pant’s Afford Anything podcast, Mr. Money Mustache already covered it! You can check out his post What Everybody Is Getting Wrong About FIRE.

And what can I say about the market this week? Maybe it’s time to consider adding real estate to your portfolio?

So The Ultimate Girl’s Day Out? Probably NOT, but that was the pitch for the National Women’s show in Ottawa (quite) a few months ago! A more accurate slogan should be “How to waste your money on junk food in two hours!”.

Don’t shot the messenger!  It sounded like a good plan for my daughters and I, They are 22 and 20 and I take every opportunity I can to do fun stuff with them, if they will have me! It can get tough at that age. Anyway, one of them got free tickets for the show  ($30 savings) so we decided to go.

We stayed for a couple of hours, had a lot of fun and wasted spent $88!! Spend or waste? The jury is still out on that one. The money was spent on junk food healthy snacks we didn’t need at all! So much for me squeezing my grocery budget each month, just to turn around and spend it all on snacks, at a show! What did we buy?


Bad Monkey Popcorn

We tasted and bought : Le BIG Cheese, Le Quebecois (maple syrup flavored) and Bad Girl (Chicago mix) . It was almost all gone by the time we got back. Very tasty!

Pete’s Gluten Free Cakes

I mentioned before one of my daughters is Celiac, so whenever I find a good supplier, I like for her to try it. She is very picky! I bought two cakes from Pete’s . So far my other daughter and I have been stuffing our face the only ones eating the cakes! Totally defeat the purpose to buy expensive gluten-free product!

We bought the butter tart and the pumpkin spice cake, and it was to die for!

More cakes!

We “found” another gluten-free bakery and tried one of their brownies, she used beets and mushrooms in the recipe, you can’t tell at all and it was really good. It is supposed to keep the cake moist, which can be a challenge for gluten-free baking. We bought a couple of goodies there!


We came across a booth where an entire family was promoting the chocolate business of one of their daughters. I am a sucker for that kind of thing (entrepreneur spirit and family values all in one) and the chocolate was really good (she gave me extra to taste) so we bought a few (really just a few, it was expensive!). Are you starting to see a pattern here?

No pic? Don’t judge…but maybe I was very hungry and the chocolates didn’t last long enough for me to take a picture…just maybe.



Cool drinks. All your veggies intake in one drink and it tasted pretty good plus it’s gluten-free. Had to buy one!

Loon Kombucha

Still not sure if we bought them for the bottles or the actual Kombucha but I love the bottles! How could we resist? We also get a free refill with our purchase. All we have to do is bring the empty bottle to their stand to one of the many farmer’s market around town.

It tasted so much better than others I had before, but I am not a Kombucha “connoisseur”.

An Environment Friendly Wrap

Busy Bee Food Wrap

Beeswax sustainable food wrap! I know I should get out more often, it’s not new. Eco-friendly food wraps, handcrafted with cotton and beeswax. A reusable plastic wrap alternative. Keeps food fresh naturally and plastic free. Very environment-friendly and cool patterns. But to be honest, I haven’t used the one I bought yet.

Lesson learned

While I am usually very careful with my money, I got all wrapped up in the moment and spent money I didn’t need to spend! It’s not whether I can afford it or not, a few snacks would have been fine but we bought more than a few. I need to remind myself: Everything should ALWAYS be in moderation!

So what did I learn this time? Well next year if we go back, we will:

Take a limited amount of cash!

+  Not bring my credit card, or my daughters’ credit card.

=  Not waste as much money

And I am sure we will have as much fun.

Final Thoughts

While we definitely spent too much for snacks, I am happy we supported local entrepreneurs. (By the way, I don’t have any affiliation with any of the above products)

Being with my daughters, I didn’t want to seem cheap, not even too frugal, but looking at all the snacks we bought, we definitely didn’t need to spend that much. We did have a great time and we learned our lesson if we go back next year!

There were all kind of other products and services offered (Spa, make-up booth, clothing, financial services, travel) and we did make a few other stops, but we focused on the food! (Like mother, like daughters!) And NO, it wasn’t included in my grocery budget, it was under “Other” in my Monthly Income Report.  I consider it entertainment:)

What do you think? Did I get a little carried away with the snacks? Do you ever find yourself spending too much on food/snacks at events, or in general?

24 thoughts on “The Ultimate Girl’s Day Out! Or How To Waste $88 In Two Hours!

  1. Can’t add much to girls day. But give me a few more down days in the market and it will finally be time again to add stocks to my portfolio. Have just been sitting back and waiting letting the companies and markets do the work. It’s truly passive. Tom

    1. Hi Tom,
      Haha, not a very girly post just a lot of pics … of food!
      I am thinking of buying a few stocks too but waiting a few more days:)
      Have a great week-end.

  2. hi caroline. i never almost never go to huge festival events like that, even the ones in walking distance. once i get in public my wallet opens up like yours did and the dollars flow freely. we went to fancy modern mexican last weekend for mrs. smidlap’s birthday and it cost a fortune (and that’s from somebody used to fine dining costs). i felt cheated in a way.

    it’s great you got to spend time with your girls. that’s my takeaway.

    1. Hi Freddy, that was nice to go out to celebrate Mrs. Smidlap’s birthday even if it cost a “fortune”:) What does a fancy modern mexican restaurant has on its menu?
      For my birthday I like when everybody (kids and partner) make an effort and cook diner for me.
      Our little outing definitely didn’t break the bank and it was wonderful to spend the extra time with my daughters.

      1. we had some 7 course menu of small plates. they were all fancy with fine ingredients but 75 bucks each. there was some mushroom soup, fancy corn muffin, corn salsa, a good terrine which i could make at home, cheese course and dessert. everything tasted great but i still felt cheated a little. the wine was mediocre too. it was a lesson learned.

        1. I hope it was $75 for each of you not for each course! I would probably feel the same too and it would suck if the wine was mediocre on top of it. Like you say, lesson learned.

  3. Perhaps a little carried away, but at least it was with local businesses. And in the end, it’s only badly spent if you don’t find $88 worth of value in it. Everyone values things differently, and time spent with your daughters (especially time that results in snacks at home) is probably invaluable.

  4. Yeah spending close to $90 is a bit much for a couple of hours but you had some bonding time with your daughters and it was healthy snacks/drinks you spent your money on. Splurging happens from time to time and as long as you recognize it then you should know to spend more wisely next time.
    I tend to be like that especially if I’m go out to eat and have drinks with friends/co-workers. I limit the times I go out with them so I don’t have to worry about spending so much on eating and drinking.

    1. Hi Kris, being with others makes it more difficult to hold back on spending sometimes. I am not very good at sticking to a schedule so I don’t know if I could limit my social time once out:) Like you say splurging happens from time to time as long as it is not all the time.

  5. Awe well it is bonding time with your girls! And you get to try some new ideas from new entrepreneurs. I have never tried Kombucha but people seem to rave about it. That’s about the same as going for a nice-ish meal with your two daughters and for the same amount of time- 2 hours as well.

    1. Hi GYM, that particular Kombucha was really good but I have tasted some before I didn’t like! It supposed to be good for you:)
      You are right, I would have spent that much for a nice-ish meal for the three of us!

  6. I have a friend who makes beeswax food wraps and I have been wanting to do it! They are cute!
    Whenever we eat out, I sometimes look at the receipt and think “ah…we didn’t need to order this…and that..” but then it’s not like we do it all the time. I don’t think you went too crazy on your girl’s day out 🙂 As long as you eat them all, it’s not a waste! 😀

  7. I recently picked up some of the reusable wax food wrap from Trader Joe’s when I was doing some grocery shopping. I’ve used it twice so far and it takes a little getting used to, but I’m happy with it. You will likely need to warm it up with your hands to get it to cling to the bowl. I don’t think it will entirely replace plastic wrap for me, but is a nice alternative to throwing plastic away. Glad you had fun with your girls!

    1. Hi Bec, I like the recycling part of it just wondering how you clean it well in between use? Thanks for the tip to make it cling to the bowl, that was another question I had, it is so stiff!
      Yes I did have a lot of fun with the girls:) Thanks

  8. Hi Caroline, Girl’s Days sounds great. I’m glad you and your daughters had a great time. That’s not about money, more about experience. That cat meme is hilarious.

    1. Hi Helen, yes I agree many times it is more about the experience, still almost $90 in junk food!
      I thought that meme was hilarious too:) Glad someone finally noticed. lol.

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